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  2. Happy birthday here, too! You deserve all the cake in the world. <3
  3. Maxim jumped on the slightly raised podium at the front of the Charms class (as usual) and the ghostly professor (not so usual). Maxim threw out his wand hand and yelled, 'Impedimenta!', aiming at one of the lion classmates who offered to be a guinea pig. He heard a yelp, but unfortunately, the spell seemingly just grazed his opponent. Unfortunately, Maxim hit a tad too well, enraging the other guy as he aimed a Rictusempra at the Ravenclaw. 'Hey', Maxim protested. 'Hit me with something serious, punk!' he shouted, figuring the best way to defeat a Gryffindor was goading him to become reckless. He saw the professor narrow his eyes which was an overreaction from the ghost seeing he usually did not allow anything to bother him. 'Protego!' Maxim yelped as another spell was aimed at him, and luckily the shield held, but it knocked him down again. While Maxim was trying to get back to his feet, the Gryffindor used the opportunity to send a powerful Incendio charm. Maxim for really angry and aimed a very powerful Levicorpus charm, which the Gryffindor was not prepared for. The Gryffindor was hoisted into the air, but Maxim did not stop there. 'Impedimenta! Impedimenta!' he yelled and the two spells hit in quick succession. 'Impe-' Maxim started but was interrupted by Professor Binns. 'Trevelyan, he's down!' the ghost raised his voice. Just in case he stepped between the pair and glared at the Ravenclaw. ‘Overkill, Mr. Trevelyan, overkill!' he said with a disapproving face.
  4. "Never apologize for crying, Manya," Maxim tutted, and put one of the blankets he carried on Manya's shoulder. "I'm sure everything'll work out just fine,'" he nodded. Sometimes school work became too overwhelming for first years, but with some determination and organisation, Maxim was sure the woes of end-term crunch would resolve just fine. "Otherwise, how are you both finding your first term at the castle?" Maxim asked when Rose joined them. He offered them both some hot chocolate before going away temporarily to check on all the students that arrived or were still arriving.
  5. Happy birthday Ivey! Hope it's the best day ever!
  6. Happy Birthday, Iverian! I wish for you a very wonderful and bright birthday. Image shows picture with five dogs. Four of them (various breeds, including Aussie) are sitting with their heads up and 'howling'. The fifth one (a Golden?) is laying flat with a birthday hat on its head. Various notes are scattered around the top half of the picture with words "Happy Birthday to Yowuuuu!" in gray font.
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  8. Prof. Binns has been having a difficult time choosing something to teach for charms, given that he hasn't had to perform a spell in a bit. He's decided that the only thing he can really do is have everyone showcase their favorite charms. Post below how your demonstration went, as well as how he reacted, in 80 words or more by January 31st at 11:59 pm HOL time to earn 10 rubies.
  9. Approved Nimue Anderson - First Year Ainsley Honn - Visitor
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  11. This is a basic but very good potion for tackling colds. It consists mostly of chamomile to help the patient relax and to drift more easily off to sleep; a suttle amount of ginger to soothe a sore throat and ease nausea; a little lemon and runny honey to help stop a tickly throat and cough. It can be taken as a herbal tea and as and whenever it is needed. While it can be drunk cold it is more tasty and soothing if drunk when hot.
  12. Prof McGonagall has gotten veryyyyyy excited about her new role as DADA professor. She has you learning 2 new topics a class, which is starting to get really hard. A few students started complaining to her about the workload, so she decided to have a calm class with a coloring page for a change. Click here for a larger version. Post your colored picture below by January 31st at 11:59 pm HOL time for 10 rubies.
  13. Prof. Sprout has you transfiguring earmuffs into plants. Show her your earmuffs below by January 31st at 11:59 pm HOL time to earn 10 rubies. https://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&pid=17e23703c3f1
  14. Hello Momoka! Welcome to the Den! Feel free to send me a message to chat :)
  15. Hi guy! I'm Momoka Oguma and this is my first year so yeah :) excited to get to know you guys!
  16. Approved Momoka Oguma - Slytherin Visitor
  17. The Elderflower has many names but it's Latin name is, 'Sambucus', meaning, ' Gift of the Gods', because it has a beautiful scent and it comes from the sacred Elder Tree. Some nature worshippers such as the Druids believed that the Earth Mother Spirit resided within that tree and that it was her beautiful gift to them. This gift is known to be used as perfume but it's also used in cooking to add flavour to a meal or to make a non- alcoholic drink known as Elderflower cordial. If anyone is suffering from colds / flu, coughs, throat inflammation or laryngitis then using this flower as a herbal tincture or a herbal tea maybe for them. As It is a diuretic, it can remove illnesses from our system by promoting sweating and can act as a laxative too. As with all herbal remedies, it is not a good idea to take it in excessive amounts.
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