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  3. I agree with Ivey on this one. My favorite is also the Order of the Phoenix. I like this particular book the most because the students take it upon themselves to learn how to defend the school from the rising evil.
  4. Approved Adalyne Rose Clark - First Year
  5. Congratulations to Lorainia Riverrider, our latest Junior Prefect! Also a roaring welcome to Adaleine Shuster who has just finished her squib period and become a lion.

    1. Iverian Gnash

      Iverian Gnash

      Congratulations Lorainia! I'm sure you'll be an awesome JP! And Welcome Ada! You'll be a wonderful addition to the house :)

  6. This game is tweaked and from a book by the Victorian author Charles Dickens. He wrote about ghosts so this should be right up Peeves street. A magical creature is chosen and is described with a word starting with the letter A, then B and so on, all the way through the alpabet. Whoever describes the creature with a word starting with Z, gets to choose a new magical animal and starts back at the beginning of the alphabet. Hope that makes sense. Example: Scabbers the rat. First person : Scabbers the rat is a animagus rat. Next Person: Scabbers the rat is a boring rat. Next person: Scabbers the rat is a cunning rat. Etc. So I will start off: The Horntail dragon is an aggressive dragon.
  7. Thank you to Professor Dario Brighton for sending me a bean. That's a great way to start my week. :)

  8. I contribute a Celtic necklace, sparkly and glittery ribbon, and a shiny, sparkly, rainbowy note pad.
  9. If I had the services of a niffler, I might have to get them to help me with a little trouble-making. There a few people that make fun of me often for always losing things, such as my keys. I would have the niffler steal temporarily borrow their keys and other shiny things, so I could maybe laugh at them for a while. For a service not so mischievous, I would have the nifflers find my own keys when they get misplaced.
  10. Last Wednesday night, my friend K. D. was studying in the common room before bed. He thought he saw a niffler with a shiny gold coin peeking out of the first years boys dormitory door.
  11. Beans for the previous term have been redeemed! Well done everyone!
  12. Just the other evening, in the orange glow of the moon, spot-lit in the forest beneath a giant beech tree, was a dark furry creature. This creature appeared to be running and holding a golden ring in it's paw. The ring itself was odd as it appeared to glow with more than just the reflection of the moon. It was almost like it was glowing from within ... The dark furry creature, I think, was a Niffler. I had a Muggle sort of picture taking device, and snapped a picture. It was odd how the creature was lit up by the glow from the Ring. I took the picture and wrote up some words on it, too, in case anyone else sees the creature -- or the Ring. That Ring ... it draws one. I can see why the Niffler wanted it! Picture shows a Niffler, standing on its hind legs, holding in its right front paw, the Ring of Power. Words off to the side say "Niffler -- Long-snouted, burrowing creatures native to britain with a penchant for anything shiny"
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  14. Unfortunately, even though he was not injured, he was in a state of shock and could not get up.
  15. I slap Sky for being so kind in not wanting to slap me the other day. So this is not so much a slap but more of a very soft tap really.
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