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  2. A favorite hot drink, new to me, is the hot chocolate created by a local bakery. They use hot whole milk, and actually melt hot chocolate, from a bar of some really good chocolate, and mix it together in some way so it's all smooth and luscious. It's utterly rich and decadent, warm and feels so good going down. I haven't made this for myself; it's a specialty drink of the bakery, and they use some kind of special chocolate (I forget what kind they said it is) and mix it together with some sort of 'drink' machine (maybe something like what is made to create lattes?).
  3. The ticket would be an old yellow colour like the colour of parchment. The words, Hogwarts Frost Fair, Emerald Wolvenhowl and Free Entry, would be written in green ink as if Professor McGonagall had written it herself. A quarter of the way across from the left and top of the ticket would be a thin golden lines topped with a gold bow. The left hand side of the golden line would act a bit like a margin in which there would be three vertical burgundy coloured snowflakes to represent a colour of Gryffindor House and some of the spirit of Gryffindor Christmas. Of course, it would also be charmed so if I lost my ticket it would make its way back to me.
  4. I am absolutely a hot drink person so reading everyone's responses is making me want to try them all haha. I especially love the sugary drinks, so a caramel macchiato is probably my favourite, but I want to tell you guys about this really interesting hot chocolate I tried last weekend. I don't even remember what it was called, but it was hot chocolate with whipped milk and a tangerine aftertaste, it tasted like those bitter chocolate covered tangerine drops but only in liquid form, it was exquisite. Especially so because it was so cold and I had aches all over me because I'd been visiting museums all day for a paper, and the sun was just setting over the sea...I got to enjoy this little drink in that small moment. I had to drive 2 hours in the traffic afterwards but I wasn't even bothered, you know, power of a really good drink haha.
  5. There are plenty of hot drinks I enjoy all year round, but I'll go with the Starbucks Peppermint Mocha as a delicious drink for the season. Because peppermint syrup is consistently stocked, the drink is actually offered year round. However, the chocolate curls that top the whipped cream and make the drink even tastier only appear around November and December. A good way to improve the drink with magic would be a stasis charm: too often, the whipped cream and curls disappear in to the drink, and the drink cools to 'tepid' way too fast. With the appropriate charms the drink can stay hot indefinitely, while the whipped cream can maintain its form so we can taste it separately as long as we wish!
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  8. The kind of sled I am thinking of is the old- fashioned kind used to carry Goods like the Antarctic explorer Amundsen used. Like him, I would have some beautiful Huskies pulling it along. I might bring it up-to- date a bit though by painting it in a glittery gold colour and with a traditional red and green Poinsettia. It would probably have lots of little baby Poinsettias on it, although it might make the sled look a bit like it has been covered up in Christmas wrapping paper.
  9. My favourite hot drink for winter is definitely Hot Chocolate. I do not think there is a better drink for this season than the hot chocolate. I usually like to add a few things to my hot drink to make it a bit more delicious. My go to are marshmallows and some whipped cream on top, but not too much so I won't get my face dirty. I do not have any special memories related to this drink. I just really like it!
  10. My favourite winter drink is one of the Starbuck's versions of new holiday drinks. I am a huge fan of latte and from what I remember, currently we have the Toffee Nut Late, Gingerbread Latte, Eggnog Latte and Caramel Waffle Latte. I have not tasted all of them yet, hoping to do so this year. So far I have tasted just two, Toffee Nut Latte and Caramel Waffle Latte. As you can see, I do like caramel really really much!
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