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  3. I'm officially done with all of my classes for this first term :D anyone else done too?

    1. Lorainia Riverrider

      Lorainia Riverrider

      Done HOL classes same (:

    2. Sky Alton

      Sky Alton

      Done with all my classes for my last term too. Just NEWTs left to tackle *gulps*

  4. Just wanted to tell you that my plan on moving out of my parents house is gonna be a reality by July next year <3 I already have the apartment and the contract signed. I'm very happy and pumped with this news and wanted to share it with you because is where I feel most comfortable lately <3 

    1. Sky Alton

      Sky Alton

      Wonderful news! Congratulations <3

  5. Hmm... can I do two words? I'm doing two... Since it's long, I'm giving the first letter. s _ _ _ _ s _ _ _ _ (10 letters) Lives: 8
  6. Sky Alton


    Several Se_t__e_t Lives: 6
  7. Sky Alton


    Yep Se____e__ Lives: 6
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