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  1. Zagreus groaned as he woke up, his head still muddy from sleep. Outside his window, he heard loud cheers, and a huge commotion. As he slowly came to, his face broke into a smile. The festival! he thought, excited. He had been looking forward to this for weeks. His flat was only a few blocks away, and it would be nice to get away from everything for a while and just relax. After tossing on a spring-y enough outfit, pulling his hair into two buns, and brushing his teeth, he headed off to the fair ground. The smell alone was enough to make him wish he could stay here forever. Cakes, teas, juices, and all sorts of candies and treats were laid out along all of the various stalls and tables. He headed over to the first stand he saw and dropped a few galleons on the counter in exchange for a fresh coffee, a honey bun, and a bottle of water. Next, he headed over to the games. There was a muggle arcade set up in a tent, and nostalgia flooded over him as his eyes landed on a game called "80's Overdrive". He had fond memories of Saturday nights with his high school friends, crowded around the local arcade to see who could win top score. Zag always came second to his best mate, Ana, but maybe here he'd finally have his shot. The machines only took muggle currency, so he quickly exchanged a few knuts for some quarters, and settled in for a while.
  2. Zagreus rolled his eyes and smirked, glancing around at the other students. There were no fussy paintings in my last school he thought with a chuckle. As the crowd dispersed with a loud clamour, Zag knew exactly where to go... "Oh, come on," Zag urged, having found himself in a rather tedious conversation. "No," the lady protested again. "I shan't hear of it." Esmeralda Vayne, a portrait near the potions classroom, was standing in her frame with her arms crossed against her chest. She was in french-revolution era dress, resembling Marie Antoinette, and she stood in front of a large estate. "Esmeralda," Zag protested again. "Just think of how much nicer your frame will feel!" "I won't!" she huffed again. "No one is touching my frame. Not in a thousand years." Zagreus shook his head and giggled. "Essie," he said, raising an eyebrow. "I'd wager thats how long you've needed a clean. Name your price, and Ill pay it. Just please cooperate?"
  3. Hey all! Im Zagreus, or Zag for short. Im a first year Slytherin, but Im actually 21 years old because I chose to complete my muggle schooling before returning to Hogwarts! Ive got a flat down in Hogsmeade with the biggest collection of muggle records youve ever seen, and Im hoping to be a proficient potioneer when I graduate! Even though Im a bit older, Im still just as new to magic as the rest of you, and Im always up to help with homework or a small friendly chat :)
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