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    My interests? Intimidating bad guys and duelling terribly~

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The name's Lea, and as you can tell, imma Gryffindor,

Lol why am I even bothering to introduce myself?

The guidelines for this “about me” page say I should list my hobbies & interests so here they are!
-Intimidating bad guys 
-Eating good food (why else would I be here)
-Flying (I mean who doesn't like a good quidditch match?) 
-Duelling (though I do often prioritise looking cool over actually trying tactics)

Patronus: Dragon (cos I’m sPeCiAl)
Wand: Ebonized oak with dragon heartstring, about 12” (god knows the flexibility)
Pet: A Greater sooty owl called Pirate~

As a muggle, I enjoy drawing & playing video games, but I do however share an equal love of food and dragons lmao—

Anyway, it's currently my first year, so I hope I don't ruin this website toooooo quickly~

The image above is a terribly digitally drawn picture of my HOL character, cos why not?



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