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  1. Violet perks up a little, now people are paying attention to her. "We should head along the east side of the castle to begin with. There are some nice portraits along that corridor that she liked to visit." She glances around absently, "Perhaps some of you had better follow me?"
  2. Violet peers out at everyone from a nearby canvas. It's a very unpleasant place to stand as their are storm clouds over head and several fat raindrops that keep bouncing off her head. All the same, she can't bring herself to step into the empty portrait at the end of the corridor. Not now... Violet clears her throat, trying to catch the students' attention. She does it a little louder as she gets no response. The third time, she ends up causing herself a terrible coughing fit. That at least makes a few people look round.... "I need as many of you as possible to come with me," she says, once her eyes have stopped watering. "We must search every painting that we can to find her!" She looks down, looking genuinely distressed. "The last time she vanished for this long without letting me know, something dreadful had happened to her."
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