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  1. *steps inside the Great Hall, stunned from the amazing size of the room, looking up at the magical ceiling* *a smell of coffee and croissants approaches* *Silently check for the Gryffindor table full of students, looking for a place to sit while packages are getting delivered from hundreds of owls* *Look at the table bench and sits on it at 2 meters from the closest student minding his own business* *hearing loud chatting on the left side of the room* *He looks for some milk and biscuits that magically appear on his right side, like they knew what he was looking for* Incredible! *he exclaims with lower voice* *Looking on the right side he sees professors chatting among each other with air of knowledge and experience*
  2. *Enters the room looking down to the old carpet's designs, looking at everyone meeting each other* o.o *too shy to talk to all these people together* *He sees some students coming over him eager to talk...* Hey....I'm Jasper Reikevik i'm a first year and... hope to make new friends... ( >.<) I'll try my best... *looks down to reassure himself, thinking about what they might think of him*
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