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  1. Thank you so much! I did a double take when I saw my name. And, yes, congrats to all of you as well! Thank you for your inviting spirits, hard-work, and kindness!
  2. I slap Emerald for being interested in mythology that’s not Greek, Roman, or Norse (because everybody seems to like those exclusively). Emerald— that’s so cool! I don’t know that much about Celtic mythology apart from the King Arthur stories but they sound interesting. I mostly like Greek/Roman and Sumerian stuff.
  3. Isa Vestal

    1 - 10 000

    7199 (Aww, thanks Sky! That’s so sweet <3)
  4. I slap Emerald for piquing my interest into what kind of myths she likes (seriously though, Greek? Norse? Chinese? What kind of mythology are you into?).
  5. Isa Vestal

    1 - 10 000

    7194 (And some statistics in case you’re interested— in the past month, we have gone from 6489 to 7194. That’s 705 numbers in the past month. In comparison to the numbers in May, we’ve gone up 95 numbers this month!! That’s a 10.86% increase! At the pace at which we’re going (705 numbers/month, 2806 numbers between 7194 and 10000), we would make 10,000 in 3.98 months which would put us at the very beginning of December! Great job guys!!)
  6. Isa stands up on her bench, whistling for Sir Nick, who stands at the front of the room. Even though she hasn’t talked much with the ghosts, she came to appreciate a lot of them and thought Sir Nick, in particular, had some rather dramatic moments that Isa loved to watch unfold. As she stops her ovation and sits back down, her half-eaten piece of pineapple pizza mysteriously hovers up off the table. Isa tries to grab it but, alas, it is to no avail. It jolts away from Isa’s grasp and slowly careens toward Sir Nick, slapping a few students across the face throughout the process. Without thinking, Isa hops out from her seat, carelessly bumping into Jack and a few other students and flails her hands trying to grasp at the flying pizza.
  7. Isa was a little taken aback to how could Jack fit that huge pizza bite inside his mouth and took a moment before she squeezed in beside him. She grabbed a slice of pineapple-topped pizza and hungrily munched down on it as Emerald waved at Jack and her. Isa waved back and shifted her focus back to the people at her table. “Do any of you know,” Isa asked through large bites of pizza, taking time to wipe some grease onto her robe sleeves. “If the ghost’s Shakespeare reenactment has already ended? I’ve been—“ she giggled “—dying to see it.”
  8. This past year has been a journey for me finding myself. It’s been one of growth and of learning to be transparent and open with both myself and others. Like many other kids, growing up, I wanted there to be something fantastically special or astoundingly unique about me that set me apart from the other kids who I sat beside. There’s no doubt that each one of us is intricate or unique but I found myself realizing more and more that my expectations to be extraordinary fell short nearly each and every time. I was always hoping that there would— like a Hagrid knocking down my door— be some huge change that occurred in my life which gave me a spark in life that I would chase and be fulfilled by. It was this year that I realized that I didn’t need that spark. There have always been things inside of me and around me— things I’m interested and invested in, things that make me curious, things that make me want to seek justice, and things that I can apply my own creativity and skill to. And I began to pursue these things. It’s only been a few months since I’ve started redirecting my energy into these but it’s been truly eye-opening for me. I feel like I’ve discovered myself or, rather, created a whole new layer to myself that I feel is now integral to my being. I guess what I’m trying to say is best encapsulated by the quote “Finding your passion isn’t just about careers and money. It’s about finding your authentic self. The one you’ve buried beneath other people’s needs.”
  9. Isa stumbled down the staircases, gathering her trailing robes in her fists as she hopped from step to step. She had stayed up all of last night writing and practicing her speech and the tiredness finally hit her just hours before the feast. Stupidly, she decided to take a nap and had set her alarm clock for an AM time instead of the intended PM. Red in the face and heaving loudly, Isa slowly opened the creaky Great Hall doors and stepped inside. What she saw was more than surprising. She had been there to decorate the Hall earlier that week but the gorgeous flower strung across the walls and tables, the funny-looking jugglers and dramatic acting at the front of the Hall, and the sweet aroma of sugary cakes filling her nose strung together into a sight that was truly magnificent to behold. Doing her best to inconspicuously slip by the other students, Isa bent her head as to avoid eye contact and glided her way toward the Gryffindor table, looking for an opening where she could sit.
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