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  1. "Oh thank you!" Gail said as she saw the cupcake Rose offered her. "It looks delicious. I fear we haven't met yet, I'm Gail. What's your name?" She thought she might remember from the sorting last night, but she wasn't sure and would prefer not to guess in case she was wrong. "Either way; I am glad to meet you." she returned the younger girl's smile, trying to reassure her; She looked slightly nervous and Gail wanted to put her at her ease.
  2. "Oh you can definitely have Hufflepuff" Gail agreed "I'll talk to Arianna about who she wants." she winked "It pays to call dibs first." A lesson learned long ago which seemed to be true in most circumstances. "Thanks for the chocolate." it really was quite delicious. "Brought those from home?" she wanted to know. She had brought quite a lot of candy so she didn't have to take time out to go to Hogsmeade every time it was offered, or risk running out of sugar; She did expect this year would be filled with lots of studying. "I have signed up for all 12 too" she said, feeling maybe a little apprehension at Maxim's words "I want to have them all done and not worry about them next year." which he did seem to agree was a good idea. "I've read the Ancient Runes text already on the train - I'll have to read it again of course before I write the exam - but it sounds really interesting."
  3. Gail entered the great hall, her hair sticking out in more directions than she'd have liked; She'd tried to tame it with a brush for what felt like a small eternity, but it had shown itself unimpressed and she'd finally given up and decided to just put it up in some semblance of a bun and pretend it was meant to look that way. She looked around the hall and saw that Maxim had in fact arrived before her, but she didn't see Arianna anywhere, so she decided to walk up to him first. "Morning" she said, nodding to Sky and Ivey who were also both there, before leaning over the table to grab a roll; the elves really made the best breakfasts. "How are your timetables this year?" she asked. "Mine's insane. I am so glad I got a head start on some of the reading over the holidays. Otherwise I'd have no idea when to manage it." she looked to Maxim. "Was fifth year this mad last year too?"
  4. I would call a whole team for this one! Everyone who participated in Hufflepuff's Sleigh Ride this last December were doing their very best to help find the missing students from a portrait. So I know we have practice and I'm sure it would go faster if we all helped each other like we did there. You wake up at 3am in the night in a cold sweat because you realise you volunteered to decorate the entire great hall for the end of year feast, but you haven't even started looking for the banner etc, much less carry them to the hall or even decided on a theme (when it's revealed who won the housecup all the decorations will just turn into the colour of that house) but you still have to sort out the decorations and you know you won't make it on your own. Who do you ask for help (and who do you think won't bite your head off for waking them at this time)?
  5. Amy Lupin would probably be able to help me speed paint something that would look awesome and then magic it dry so it could be hung up without dripping. You accidentally turned the ceiling pink with zig zag lines all across it. Who do you get to help you fix it?
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