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  1. Approved Brody Peery - First Year Rejected Heddie Hier - I couldn't find you in the HOL database Notes McFizzle - Your username was changed to Fiona McFizzle to match your HOL name and you were approved as a first year.
  2. ?Approved Apolla Witwill - Ravenclaw visitor Rejected Rachael - please sign up with your full HOL name. Birdie - please sign up with your full HOL name.
  3. Approved Piper Rose - First Year
  4. Approved Kenley Kloecker- First Year Mary-Chandler Reeves - First Year Julia Johnson - First Year
  5. Notes Summer Winterlight - your name was changed to Summer Snowlight to match your HOL name. You were approved as a first year. Rejected SlytherinQueen - Please re-register with your HOL name/register for HOL with a name that meets the guidelines and re-register here.
  6. Wonderful to have you here, Carrie! Welcome
  7. Approved Mya Abititeux - Slytherin Visitor Carrie Warts - First Year Notes Karin ravanal - your username was changed to include proper capitalisation (Karin Ravanal) and you were approved as a first year.
  8. Hi Mary, welcome to our Common Room! I'm a fellow writer.
  9. Approved Mary Seville - Ravenclaw visitor Maida Wood - First Year Elizabeth Keen - First Year Rejected Lilac Potter - Unfortunately I couldn't find you in the HOL database. Please sign up again with your HOL name or register for HOL first.
  10. A warm welcome to the Den, Vee!
  11. Approved Berta Blush - First Year Hester Bouma - First Year Megan Burwood - First Year
  12. Sky Alton

    Gone Camping

    Venture into the great outdoors from the comfort of the Common Room as we embark on a very magical camping trip. New tasks released on Wednesdays and Saturdays with everything due at the end of the month. Let's go explore!
  13. Welcome to the CR, Hayley! Great to have you here.
  14. Welcome to the Den, Aurelia. You look quite spiffing yourself.
  15. Approved Ivy Vaiana - First Year Aurelia Grayson - Ravenclaw Visitor
  16. Approved Hayley Grace - Slytherin visitor
  17. Term is certainly flying by and we're seeing a lot of new members around the castle (welcome!) What with one thing and another, a lot of people are probably in search of fun things to do (either to pass the time or to help them relax) and we certainly have those in abundance. First of all, how are you getting on with your classes? Remember, if you have some extra time on your hands it's never a bad idea to do a few assignments in advance. There's still just time to take part in the department projects for this month. The Library are writing manuals to introduce wizards to muggle concepts and also letting untraditional narrators tell their stories. In the art department, the focus is on food and also on the treasures you'd lock away in your very own Gringotts vault. There are points up for grabs so head over there pronto. Deadline: 31st March Equally pressing is the call for submissions from Ravenclaws Alte Sententiam. You could try your hand at writing a drabble or taking a photo (this issues theme is 'colour') or fill in some squares on your very own creative writing bingo card. Details of both of these can be found in The Great Hall (on the main HOL forum); if you'd like to write an article, submit a graphic or baffle people with a puzzle, then send a message to Gail Allen, the editor. There are 90 points up for grabs in total. Deadline: March 31st You have a bit longer to write for our own house newspaper, the Paw Print. We'll be taking your submissions on destinations (that theme didn't feel quite so much like wishful thinking when we picked it) and would love to feature whatever you can come up with, whether it's a bucket list of places you want to visit, a review of somewhere that you love or something quite different. We also have Prose and Cons, our light-hearted creative section bursting with fun prompts. There's another 90 points available so head over to the Quivering Quill forum right now to let us know what you'd like to contribute. Deadline: 27th April. There are other things to do around the castle that won't earn you house points but are still an excellent use of time. Here on the CR, there's still time to earn yourself some rubies in this month's piratical quest and we have something very adventurous planned for April that you will not want to miss. Check out the clubs on the main HOL forum:Book Club and Hollers have so much for you to do, whether you're a reader, a writer or a puzzler. All the other houses also welcome you to come have fun with them so next time you take a stroll around the castle, make sure you pay a visit to the corridor down by the kitchens, the dungeons and Ravenclaw tower to see what's occurring. Say safe, happy and productive, lions and remember that, whatever is going on in the world, Hogwarts will always be here to welcome you home.
  18. Welcome to the common room, Kira! Looking forward to seeing you around. I'm usually to be found in the main HOL chatroom as well as the Gryffindor one so if you feel like chatting, come find me.
  19. Approved Jasper Kelly - First Year Kira Halliwell - First Year
  20. Approved Sakura Moganti - First Year Winter Turaya - First Year
  21. Approved Joe Smith - Hufflepuff Visitor
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