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  2. Approved Calla Whitepeak - First year
  3. Sky Alton

    1 - 10 000

    5000 BOOM! Half way there! Onwards and upwards, people!
  4. Who will be the next lucky owner of the fantabulous chocolate factory? It could be you! Providing you've got all your responses to the various tasks in by 11:59 PM on the 22nd that is.
  5. Make sure you've submitted your articles and other written wonders to our house newspaper by midnight on the 22nd. This is also the deadlines for Prose and cons. Get writing!
  6. All in the Golden Afternoon Tangled
  7. It’s December and the castle is as busy as ever! Mind those everlasting icicles. As well as the Gryffindor and Slytherin newspapers being open for submissions (see the reply above this one for details), there are several more point earning opportunities to cuddle up in front of the Common Room fire with. The Library has 2 fresh projects! This time you’re invited to write stories of wild weather and delicious dishes. There’s a maximum of 30 points up for grabs so head on over there quick. Deadline: 31st December Who doesn’t love presents? This year, the return of the Secret Elf Present Exchange over on the main forum gives you the chance to give and get gifts this December. Whether you’re after a new signature or just want to give someone the warm and fuzzies, this activity is a perfect way to pass the winter. There are also 30 points on offer for being a good elf so really, this is a win win win situation. Get in there fast with your wish list though if you want to sign up. Deadline for signups: 9th December Deadline to deliver gifts: 31st December There are also heart-warming wintery activities in all the Common Rooms this month. While they won’t earn you house points, you should still be sure to stop by the Sett for a Hogwartian Christmas, the Dungeons for the Silver Snake Gift Exchange and I believe Ravenclaw are looking for assistance in dealing with some very sinister snowmen. Of course, you could just stay right here and stuff yourself with sweet treats in our Chocolate Factory activity, that’s also an excellent idea. Whatever and however you’re celebrating, happy holidays, lions!
  8. I hope you have an absolutely fantabulous birthday! I made a cake but I ran out of decorations and had to use some of the sweets from our Chocolate Factory activity. I'm not 100 % sure what some of them are so… consume with caution.
  9. Approved Diana Aldridge - first year Lorainia Riverrider - First Year
  10. I slap Emily for having earned her first broom on the main HOL forum.
  11. Unfortunately, her publicist wasn't very happy about this decision.
  12. Approved Mae Flowers - Hufflepuff Visitor Rejected Tom Brady - I couldn't find you in the HOL database
  13. I'd call Dario to get me out. He's the groundskeeper so knows his way around. Although.... maybe I'd call Amy the caretaker as well just in case Dario got distracted by something shiny. A set of quidditch balls have escaped into the corridors and are causing havoc in between classes. Who you gonna call?
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