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  1. Graphics 101, HOL 101 (easy points for an oldbie, yo >____>), Knitting the Muggle Way, Mathematics, Basics of HTML. Still awaiting approval for my OWLs class, I'll keep you posted on that one. It is obvious that I took the classes I feel most comfortable with, because I want to make this year fun and enjoyable class-wise. :D
  2. Is everyone excited for the brand new school year to start? :)

    1. Ciara Black

      Ciara Black

      So keen! Can't wait to teeaaacchhhh!

    2. Ailime Wright

      Ailime Wright

      Yeahh, can't wait :D

    3. Tom Foster

      Tom Foster

      Yep, very much excited :) Should hopefully be a fun year.

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  3. Guilty. Have you ever been awake for more than 32 hours?
  4. Puppies? >_____> I'm thinking of something soft and comfortable.
  5. I slap Alessandra because she posted on August the 2nd.
  6. Not really. ...Is Zenix? :D
  7. Unfortunately, the bars had already expired and thus could not be used.
  8. Suuuuure, suuuure. >_______> Prefers veggies over meat.
  9. Unfortunately, the marshmallow people did not appreciate that. They were rather pissed.
  10. I totally mistook this for the last letter game. *awkward* Innovate. >_____> SORRY, NOT SORRY.
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GUIN! I hope there's cake!
  12. Trauma. EDIT: Gangster aka Zenix.
  13. I've been playing the piano since I was six... So... I pretty much grew up with it. I'm a lot into theory of music and all that stuff. If I hadn't encountered programming, my first pick for a major would definitely have been piano teacher or theory of music teacher. I still play a lot, but not as much. I dedicated myself to the theory part a bit more lately. I also lead a girls' choir, which is really fun and exciting.
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