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  1. Since I'm born 7 years after Harry... I would be in the middle of the rebuilding of Hogwarts? but just after the war x'D Which means I would attend Hogwarts in September 1998
  2. OH MY HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY HAL?!! Did you enjoy your day? What did you do? Did you have fun?
  3. Make yourself a new signature that's VERY girly and use that for at least 2 weeks <3 (and with girly I expect lots of pink and glitter and girly things)
  4. The Paw Print is coming back! Send in your lovely entries now to earn amazing house points \o/

  5. Submit to the Paw Print! Yes the Paw Print is almost released from its new alien friends! But to be able to release a new issue we need your help! Submit now to the Paw Print. There are different ways to submit something! Send in your articles, recipes, reviews, graphics, pictures, puzzles or other things to theGryffPawPrint[at]gmail.com before October 26th! And be able to earn 50 (delicious looking) House Points! And if you don’t have any inspiration for something like that you can always submit one of the challenges! Write or make something artistic about how the Paw Print (and Fumei) survived their abduction!
  6. *sneaks in* HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIAH!! Have a terrific day <333
  7. Those who are willing to be a pawnter give me a shout! (look in the Lion Cub Pawtner Project for more information ;))

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    2. Prof. Fumei Spookie

      Prof. Fumei Spookie

      of course you can :) (we also have a pretty nice guide to help you for the areas you aren't familiar with)

    3. Alessandra Grace

      Alessandra Grace

      Really? Great!! Ok, so now I have to send you the form I've seen in the Lion Cub Pawtner Project?

    4. Prof. Fumei Spookie
  8. I'm shocked! Zee got it right for a change xP 2748
  9. We should be at 2743 by now xP
  10. Fortunately, they missed the whole marshmallow incident
  11. False; I only did it once x'D (which was about 10 year or more ago?) Well a little bit on topic... Dressed up as a HP character (canon or not) towards school or work
  12. 2725 Psst Zee you're an obvious example of a gryff who can't count *g*
  13. Happy Happy Happy Birthday to yooooooooooooooou
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