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    Thank you, all. You're the best <3 And Emerald, I celebrated with toffee appel cheesecake if that counts. A friend also brought round raspberry cupcakes which I'll tuck into tomorrow ;)
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    The Platinum Quill Award This award is presented to the Gryffindor who has earned the most points in a term. With over 3000 points to her name from this term alone, @Iverian Gnash is an exceedingly worthy winner! The Phoenix Award This prize is for the lion who has managed to earn the most rubies during the term. @Iverian Gnash is our winner again with an impressive 350 rubies! Lionheart Award Awarded to whichever of our guests has earned the most rubies throughout the term. We have a tie this time around as reigning champion @Maxim Trevelyan of Ravenclaw is joined by @Prof. Tarma Amelia Black of Hufflepuff -- they both earned a staggering 480 rubies. Well done both! Awards decided by the staff: Studious Simba Awarded to a lion who has distinguished themselves through hard work in their classes and potentially in other areas too. @Lorainia Riverrider has not only proved herself time and again in classes and activities but demonstrated true Gryffindor tenacity while doing so. Curious Kitten This is awarded to a particularly enthusiastic Gryffindor who has been a positive presence in The Den. We’re delighted to present this award to @Emerald Wolvenhowl for her sunny attitude and constant encouragement and appreciation of those around her. Consistent Cub Awarded to a lion who is everywhere doing everything and inspires us all to get involved. We’re very glad to present this one to @Carrie Warts for her willingness to dive into just about anything around HOL with passion and a light heart. Lively Lionet This is awarded to someone whose house pride and loyalty sets them apart. Since joining, @Isa Vestal has proved her nerve by leaving no room in the castle unexplored and has made sure the scarlet and gold is gloriously represented in every activity she attempts. The Friend of the Den Award This is awarded to a non-Gryffindor who has gone out of their way to lend a hand to the lions. We would like to present this award to @Prof. Amy Lupin for her years of unwavering support behind the scenes and in particular her generosity in extending her puzzle and graphic making expertise so that certain Gryff activities could go ahead.
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    Why doesn't Voldemort have glasses? Nobody nose.
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    I think in terms of the Hogwarts castle as we see it in the books, I both agree and disagree. It's a fortress against outside threats and though they sometimes make it in, there are still plenty of people willing to protect the students. However, it has its own crop of hidden dangers that you need to be sensible around as well (which I think is a good thing as it teaches kids caution and a respect for magic). You do have to wonder whether that reputation for being the safest place lead to complacency and that in itself contributed to it being unsafe while Harry was there.
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    I’d say HOL is most definitely a safe haven! It gives so many of us a chance to express ourselves and be creative in ways we wouldn’t usually be in our daily lives. For me, at least, I often get embarrassed to show people my writing or art but everyone’s welcoming attitude and genuineness have made me confident in what I produce. I don’t think I could say Hogwarts is the safest place per se as I think that would be doing a great disservice to my RL friends and family but I think HOL has provided and continues to provide a therapeutic creative outlet that I would otherwise not have and plenty of awesome friends as well! In in terms of Hogwarts as seen in the Harry Potter world, though, I’d say it could be one of the safest places for a young witch or wizard if it were better regulated. Though Hogwarts does have excellent protective spells from outside forces and generally nice people, I think that, at least how we saw it in the books and movies, the school had a pretty toxic student and teacher environment. One look at the classroom of Snape, Umbridge, or Lockhart is enough to show that inept or uncaring teachers definitely detract from Hogwarts’ safety in that the mental and emotional health, not to mention their physical well-being, is not being looked after. The whole idea of a sport where you could quite easily die while playing or sustain serious injury is quite concerning as well. Simply put, there is a severe lack of regulation at Hogwarts that allows students to be put in dangerous environments with incompetent supervisors. That being said, I’d still go there without second thought if I somehow received a Hogwarts letter today.
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    Approved Anet Merta - First Year
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    I slap Savannah for having a community rep at exactly 10
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    This is a few days overdue but thank you all so much for an amazing term! I was only here for a few months but to receive so much kindness from so many people was amazing and I still can’t believe I got the Lively Lionet Award on top of all that. Thank you so much, everyone <3
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    I slap Carrie for being a quidditch adviser
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    How many Slytherins does it take to stir a potion? Just one. She puts the spoon in and then the cauldron revolves around her.
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    Two Hungarian Horntails walk into a pub, The first one says, “Sure is hot in here.” The second one snaps back, “Shut your mouth!”
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    Why does Voldemort prefer Twitter to Facebook? Because he only has followers, not friends *ouch*
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    I slap Carrie for being so kind and sending us hugs. *Sending some hugs to you in return* Congratulations to you too, Carrie, for getting the Consistent Cub award and congratulations to ISA too for the Lively Lionet award * hugs to you too*
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    I slap Emerald - and Isa - for being so curious and for winning the "Curious Kitten - End of the Year Award" (Emerald) and the "Lively Lionet - End of the Year Award" (Isa) - You make me love and be more and more proud of being a Gryffindor <3 *hugs*
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    Thanks! Here's another joke: Wormtail: "Master, can you really rise again?" Voldemort: "Certainly, but you'll need to give me a hand."
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