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    The Chocolate Factory doors have just opened! Join us for a tour of the famed factory while watching out for oompa loompas and eating an inordinate amount of candy :D
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    *wicked laugh* Sky, you have to like three of my posts (or until my reputation score reaches 15) :D Duck!
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    Welcome to the Chocolate Factory! Before we begin our tour of this magnificent palace filled with every sweet you can dream up, there are a few announcements to be made. Each Monday, tasks will be posted relating to certain rooms in the chocolate factory. For each task completed, you will earn a number of candies from the factory and 10 rubies. Each candy is worth a certain number of points which will not be revealed until the end of the activity at which time they are tallied up and a winner is announced. If we end with a tie, a tie breaker is in place to break it. Records of everyone's ruby and candy counts will be kept track of separately :) First place winner receives the Chocolate Factory award (and of course becomes owner of the factory) as well as 75 beans. Second place wins 50 beans and third place wins 25 beans. If there are any accessibility issues with a task, let us know and an alternative task will be available. Everything is due on the 22nd of December at 11.59 PM HOL-time. There are perks to doing tasks the week they are posted though so be sure to stop by the golden ticket thread for details. With that, let our chocolate factory tour begin!
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    I totally agree. It's always so important to remember that the only person who knows how to live your life is you. It's the only one you've got and you can't waste it on worrying what other people think you should be doing with it. Although, if anyone finds themselves having problems on HOL you can always come to me or Iverian as your prefects. We don't stand for any malicious behaviour around here and we will get to the bottom of it. This is a safe space, free from rumours and spite and we work hard to keep it that way. You're all free to be you around here :)
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    I started in 2015 and should be on my fourth year right now. Way after the battle and the construction was all finished.
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