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    Great to have you here, Kendyll. :D
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    Innocent Have you ever picked something up and it has magic energy coming from it?
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    Guilty. I've met quite a few while out walking my Labrador. Have you ever looked up what happens at the end of a book you're reading?
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    I decided to try folding an origami lion. Red paper for Gryffindor, of course!
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    One of my favorite ways to sweat a little is to give myself a ballet barre warm-up. It begins with simple plies (bending of the knees) and slowly progresses until legs are flying high in grand battements (big kicks!) Holding balances in various positions is also helpful to wake up all of your muscles and quick, small movements of the legs really help warm up your inner thighs. Afterwards, depending on what I have going on next, I like to take some time to focus on push-ups and other arm workouts to make sure my whole body gets warmed up. I had to do several at-home classes once the pandemic hit, so I've become fairly accustomed to them, even with various obstacles such as an uneven floor or lack of space. Since ballet barre is fairly straight forward and there's a set order that it's best to do exercises in, it's easy to come up with simple exercises for oneself. I find it's also nice to be able to put a little creativity into routine :)
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    I decided to take a bike ride around two streets that are next to my house. I went for a bike ride for about 30-45 minutes but it felt really good because I went really fast. While I was riding, I saw cars but no people. I saw some really pretty flowers and a cat. The air smelled like rain and flowers. It felt really nice going for a bike ride. It was pretty easy. It started to rain just after I got home.
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    I printed some designs out and made fans. I may attach them together for one big one later.
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    Anyone who knows me knows that I am not exactly 'adventure girl'. The outdoors and I have a long habit of coexisting peacefully, an amiable but rather distant relationship. That being said, some of the most peaceful times I have ever experienced happened when I was taking a sabbatical from ignoring nature and actually embracing it. This was one of those times... I have always wanted to go to Irelanc, but have never had the monetary means to do so. So, if I could not go to Ireland, I would make Ireland come to me! I packed my bags and with my faithful companion, David (the hubby), set off for Maine. It wasn't Ireland exactly, but the rocky beaches and waves crashing against the cliffs would suffice for a good enough subsitute until I could afford the real thing. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed. That morning, the weather was beautiful; not too hot and not too cold. After a quick but hearty breakfast at the local inn, we set off on a nature hike through the surrounding woods. There were three clearly marked paths, and being novices at this, we chose the easiest one. The scenery was breathtaking! The leaves were ablaze with autumn color and the sun filtering through the treetop canopy made them sparkle like a bunch of multi-colored jewels. I felt like I was in my own private enchanted forest, complete with handsome prince at my side. (Yes, that was corny..sorry, not sorry :) It wasn't long before the 'prince' and I realized that somehow we had wandered astray. The terrain, which had been relatively easy until now had gotten steadily more treacherous. Babbling brooks we had stepped across, had turned into rushing streams that were sometimes almost knee high. The scenery was still beautiful, but a wild sort of beauty instead of the carefully manicured lushness of before. We scrambled over jutting rocks and climbed over fallen logs..and I was loving every minute of it. The end of the 'trail' if you will, was certainly a fitting payoff. We had managed, somehow, to take the expert path, and ended up in a little cove right on the beach, complete with requisite rocky crag and crashing waves. My heart sand for joy...my pseudo Ireland was magnificent! It was exhilerating and yet I have never known such peace. I don't right ly now how to describe it, but I felt at 'home'. It's a walk I will never forget.
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    Innocent. Have you ever met a pug?
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    Guilty. Not particularly enjoyable or something I'd recommend but it's happened on occasion. Have you ever watched a TV show you didn't really want to watch because you were too tired to find something better?
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    Innocent Have you ever slept only 3 hours at night?
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    Hi, I'm Hannah, as you can probably see. I enjoy doing assignments like this and hanging out with my fellow Slytherins and earning a lot of points. I enjoy coloring and helping people and reading books and telling jokes. Here's a joke for you: Do you know what Hannah Open Lovegood stands for? HOL! And I enjoy hanging out with my Bitmoji avatar. I also enjoy doing craft projects. That's why I have a craft box. I also enjoy playing in the snow. And I also enjoy eating dumplings.
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