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    Ah, yes, last year was hilarious. So, you're welcome for the laugh. *thinks of those students she lured to the black lake to help her feed the Giant Squid* Hey, I'm not the one who let the Giant Squid grab ME, so... *looks rather prideful in escaping capture, although Sky wasn't very happy afterwards* So, now that I am banned from being anywhere near the black lake (well, that's according to Sky *walks off to go ask Zee if I can swim in it*), I spend a lot of my time in the library (reading of course, not switching books around on the shelves) and in this very nice little abandoned room - Room of Requirement - that is filled with tons of prank objects (which gives me a good place to think about... my homework and classes, not my next big prank *cough*). When I just want to relax a bit, I... go to the quidditch pitch and taunt members of opposing teams while they're practicing... I mean, I lay on the pitch and stare at the sky while thinking of all the homework I need to do. :D
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