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Prof. Sky Alton

Point Earning Opportunities (Autumn Term 2021/2022)

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   The easiest way to help out your house and show your lion’s pride is to earn points! There are lots of ways you can do this so you’re bound to find some that play to your strengths.


  In this post, I’ll give you a brief run-down of the regular point earning opportunities available to you. Whenever a new one opens up throughout the term, we’ll post it as a reply so keep checking back!


 The first and most obvious is to take part in classes. Most classes will give you the chance to earn 60 points a month through homework and extra credit. If you take several classes (even if you don’t have the time for the maximum of 5 every term), those 60 points soon mount up to quite a tidy haul.


Class sign-up opens on 1st September 2021 and will remain open until December 20th so remember to put your name down for the classes that interest you and get sending in that homework! (It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the individual assignment deadlines so that you don’t run out of time or put too much pressure on yourself)


  The next are the creative projects offered each month by the Library and art departments. If you enjoy getting artsy or brushing up on your writing, visit the 'Departments' tab on the main website. Don't be shy: your submissions are anonymous during the rating period. You can get started by going to your profile and telling everyone 'How you Got Into Harry Potter' in the designated section - that will earn you a cool 10 points!


  Finally there's the HOL Newspaper. This is a great chance to earn plenty of points by writing about what interests you. If articles and reviews aren’t your thing, it will also offer creative prompts and the chance to submit your own puzzles, graphics and more. Keep an eye on the Newspaper section of the main HOL Forum for updates about the latest issue.


  Throughout the term, there will be unique and exciting activities to take part in which will give you the chance to earn points along the way. Remember to check the replies to this thread for announcements and reminders about anything that might be occurring!

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Where did October come from? I hope everyone has settled (back) into the rhythms of things and is having a great time. There’s a few point earning opportunities to tell you about so let’s get to it!


  First up, the departments are feeling very autumnal. The Art Department is giving you the chance to design a Halloween costume based on a famous witch or wizard from history; you’re also being put in charge of the Hogwarts menu as they celebrate the flavours of Fall. The Library Department are inviting you to conduct a tell-all interview with a dark creature and also trying to solve the mystery of where Halloween went!

Deadline: 31st October


  Secondly, there’s HOL’s brand new newspaper! The Howler is accepting submissions up until 20 October. Get yourself over to the HOL Forum and read all about the various sections and the fun you can have in them. You can earn up to 60 points! This issue’s theme is ‘Bright Lights’ so prepare to be dazzled.

Deadline: 20 October

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Wow, where did November go?

  We're steaming towards the end of term so make sure you know what assignments you still have left to complete and when they need to be done by. Most classes have a final deadline of 15 January but this can vary from class to class, so it's always important to check. Remember to double check what you need to do to pass and earn a quill as well!


We're still lagging behind a little in the cup race but don't get downhearted: that can all change very quickly. If we've proved anything over the last few years, it's that if we all pull together, we can do marvellous things. Remember that even if you can only do a little, it all helps us get glory for Gryffindor!


  For those of you who are creative and/or fancy earning yourself some extra points, you still have just about enough time to complete the department projects for this month. The Art Department are inviting you to decorate a tree with things you’re thankful for, as well as creating a board to help your fellow students keep motivated. In the Library, they’re turning back time and inviting you to tell tales of holiday disasters.

Library Deadline: 30th November

Art Deadline: 1st December

  There will be fresh projects for December though so remember to keep an eye out for those!


  The Howler, the school newspaper, is open for submissions for the second issue! This time the theme is 'All that Glitters', so it's bound to be a dazzling edition. Whether you want to write an article, create a puzzle, report on something from the wizarding world or show off your artwork, there's something for everyone. Remember you can earn up to 60 points!

Deadline: 7 January 2022


  December is always a fun-filled month around HOL, so I'll be bringing you the news of some special events very soon.

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  I promised you a packed, festive  December and boy did the castle deliver!


  First things first, there's an adventure going on on the HOL Forum! Inspired by the fairy tale of the Wild Swans, this activity offers you the chance to earn points, beans and awards  while completing fun and magical tasks to break an evil spell.

Link: https://hol.org.uk/forum/viewforum.php?f=626

Deadline: 15 January


  Of course, the Departments have fresh projects too. The Library are celebrating all things Yule with two projects: one where you need to save the celebrations from disaster and another where you get to share your memories (or dreams) of the Yule Ball. The Art Department have also embraced the season as they're asking you to showcase your favourite winter activity and design a festive lights display.

Link: https://hol.org.uk/departments


Library: 2 January

Art: 3 January


  I was incredibly proud to see how many lions put their names forward for the Secret Elf Gift Exchange this year. You should all have the name of the person you're sending a gift to by now (make sure you check your private messages on the HOL forum), so you can get to gifting! Remember that you need to have sent your gifts to the activity email by the deadline in order to collect your 30 points.

Deadline: 31 December


  The Howler, HOL's newspaper,  is still ready and waiting for your submissions on the theme of 'All that Glitters'. Whether you're a writer, an artist or a puzzle maker, I'm sure there's something fabulous you could contribute to help make this issue a great one. Remember you can earn up to 60 points from submitting.

Link: https://hol.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=614&t=33440

Deadline: 7 January


  That's it for point earning opportunities but there are plenty of other things to keep you occupied as well. There's our own jaunt to the Three Broomsticks still going on, Huffle Holidays over in The Sett and 'Tis the Season', a delectable, food based activity, in the Book Club.


Whatever you get up to this month, have a wonderful time!

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