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  1. Ohhh, I hate both!....But I guess Never ending Winter. I could get used to sweaters all the time, but droughts mean no more long showers. WYR Go to Hogwarts during Voldermort's first reign of terror or stay muggle?
  2. Sort of guilty? I can't think of anything truly disgusting, but I've eaten food I didn't like to not hurt people's feelings (Mainly my friend's mom) Has snuck human food to a pet.
  3. Room (My room is usually disastrous. Also, my cousin was chased by a goose, so yes, birds are evil.)
  4. Hmmm, I guess a highlighter. Marking something with a pencil wouldn't get my attention like a neon highlighter would. WYR be stuck to only watch the Harry Potter movies or only read the Harry Potter books?
  5. Guilty kinda, I apparently turned out to be afraid of clowns and tried to climb my dad. Has bought more then five books at a bookstore (and no, not for school. Curious if there's any Ravendors here. :P)
  6. I rather be a parent. I actually do want to be a mom someday. WYR star in a tv show or have a book written about you?
  7. Guilty, I love sweets of almost any form. Is planning on making a new avatar or siggie for the next term?
  8. Considering I'm a Ravenclaw, I'm innocent! Knows has to cook?
  9. Hey there! I'm Lavinia (Nina for short) and I'm actually going to be a sixth year next term. I haven't done much on the forums in all my time here, but with graduation looming, I figured let's make up for lost time. So...now I'm wandering around all the different houses and poking my nose in. *leaves a basket of muffins*
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