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  1. This is so embarrassing... Ugh... My laptop's name is Jane. >___> In honour of Miss Jane Marple. My cellphone's name is Ellen. Elle for short. After figuring out that the eldest daughter from Pride and Prejudice is named Jane, I decided to follow the pattern with my new devices, so you can expect to see a Lydia sometime in the future. <___<
  2. I am posting to let you know that there have been a few changes around here. As you explore, you might notice a few new areas on the forum. Take your time, and feel free to sniff around. The Gryffindor Library has just reopened! I'm really looking forward to all the challenges! Another announcement I had for you all is that Guinevere Avalon has been promoted to a prefect! Congratulations, Guin! Fumei Shirokuro is officially the new Prefect in Charge as Hailey Potter completed her NEWTs and will rejoin the staff as a professor along with Nina Messersmith. This is all for now. Have fun exploring. :)
  3. This is a place for any kind of discussions, literally (as long as they are HOL appropriate)! You can start a new topic if you want to discuss something... Perhaps a book you just read, a film you've recently seen, something Harry Potter related, or just something rather silly. Whatever it is, this is the place to talk about it.
  4. Welcome to Sir Nick's Notices! This area of Gryffindor Common Room is run by Kim Alting in the name of Sir Nick's name. Here you can post any personal announcements, like wishing someone a happy birthday or telling the lions you will be absent for some time.
  5. HAPPEH BIRTHDAY, JENNY! I hope it's a great one! :D And here's a cake! (Don't judge for the early post, it's totally Thursday in Dario-land <_____<)
  6. Congratulations to all of you. Keep up the good work, everyone. :D
  7. That's right! Purple month is here... Which means... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MISSA! *dances around*
  8. Yo, people, help me with the Scavenger Hunt! Visit the Gryfftoberfest forum for info! :D

  9. Awwwwwwww, thank you everyone! It was a really nice birthday!. :D
  10. BECOME A GRYFFINDOR MINION: Junior Prefect Applications 2013, Autumn Term. Every term, Gryffindor staff makes new adjustments. Junior prefects are promoted, some are demoted, new jobs are determined, and work begins to make Gryffindor run in a way that all of our lions can enjoy. With these changes, we’re always dying to have some extra help around the house. Being that Gru’s minions currently aren’t for hire, despite our best efforts, we still need new minions! We get these minions by application… applications for Junior Prefects. Junior Prefects are our newest members of Gryffindor staff, eager to please and rise up to the challenge of helping Gryffindor run smoothly. Think you’ve got what it takes? Read the following below, and then send in your application! ========================= To qualify to send in an application you must satisfy the following conditions: 1. Must have been at HOL at least 1 full term. (First years who started last winter are eligible to apply!) 2. If you are repeating a year, you must have been active at least 1 term, too. 3. Be aware that as a JP, you have no prefect rights in HOL. You do not receive those until you become a full prefect. 4. Must be willing to achieve the following this year (this is part of our current prefect contract): ...you will receive at minimum 2 quills per term or a total of 4 quills per year. ...you will earn 60 points per month, whether through class work, HOL projects (library/arts), house newspaper, other house newspaper, etc. However, if you have a class that only awards points at the end of term - notify Missa or Jenny. That is a perfectly acceptable reason to not be earning that amount. This means that you must earn at least 300 points per term. If you are passing 2 classes, this should not be a problem. ...you must be an active Gryffindor CR member and actively fulfill your JP tasks as needed. As a JP you will be assigned 2-3 specific tasks that we will ask you to run. You will have guidance on things, of course, but you are required to do the necessary work. We also ask that you are active in at least one (but preferably more) area of Gryffindor, such as GQT, Spice Squad, or Graphics Club. If you think you can handle this and meet the above qualifications (and yes, we will check) then please answer the following questions to the best of your abilities. When you are done, send the application in a PM to Prof. Missa Matz by September 5th, 2013. (But don't wait until the last minute!) They will then be reviewed by Jenny and Missa before a final decision is made. You have to do both parts (Question part and Scenarios part)! So aside from that, if you have questions, feel free to ask! ========================= ------------------------------------- QUESTION PART ------------------------------------- 1. Full HOL Name: 2. Year at HOL: 3. Why do you want to become a junior prefect? 4. What makes you a good candidate for the junior prefect position? (Your qualities/traits, prior leadership experience, what you can contribute, etc. Anything you can tell us to help aid our decision.) 5. Are you available on IRC, if so, how often? 6. Do you prefer to work on a team or individually? How do you think that will help you as a staff member? 7. Would you feel comfortable contributing more than a 'yes'/'no' answer to a discussion? 8. If a situation arises where you disagree with the general consensus in a discussion, would you post your concerns, knowing that it may be rejected or possibly slow down the project, or would you keep your comments to yourself? 9. We would like you to please create a monthly den challenge or house activity and then tell us about it. (For example, but certainly not limited to: What is it about? What is required? Why did you choose it? Etc.) 10. Are there any areas of Gryffindor in particular you would like to help with? Please note what your preference is, but also realize that based on needs you may not get put there. 11. Being on the Gryffindor staff means added expectations and time commitments. Are you confident you will be able to take on these responsibilities? 12. Is there anything else that you might like to add? A touch about yourself and your character, a fun story, a word or phrase? ------------------------------------- SCENARIOS PART ------------------------------------- 1. Dealing with new students is one of the many jobs of a junior prefect. If you received the following message, what response would you give them? Hi JP!!!! im new 2 griffindor and dont no wut 2 do. I sent a owl to prof. missa but she didn't answer. wut do i do? ohhhh and i want 2 buy a cat so send me beans plz. Thnx! -Student 2. You are co-running or assisting an area of Gryffindor. After some time you notice your partner has been missing. It has been a month since you last saw them. What would you do? Whom would you contact? 3. As a member of staff, you are on #gryffindor in IRC and are an op. Everyone is set away but yourself, and you see someone post an inappropriate picture in the channel. What do you do? How should you react?
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