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  1. 2323 I like this number >_>
  2. Yo, peoplez, don't forget to check out Globe Race and form a team! (It'd mean a lot to Scarlet and me *coughs*)

  3. I've noticed this question being asked a lot lately, and the answer is: No, it did not. Let me explain why and how. For the sake of Shuffle House four people (including me) got their houses switched. Three of the switched people are Professors so it doesn't make a difference as Professor points don't count. The fourth person (Opal Curare) who is a student switched from Slytherin to Ravenclaw. As her House changed her points got moved to Ravenclaw FROM Slytherin. That's why Slytherin has less House Points right now than us. In a few days, or weeks, at most, things will get back to normal and Slytherin will be back in third place like it was a week ago. I thought this should be shared in order to avoid any further questions or misunderstandings. Thank you all for your attention! (Go and earn points! I want back to Gryffindor ASAP T__T)
  4. Blue Cotton Candy, totally! >__> I'm thinking of something black and relatively large.
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