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  1. After 3 years of saving I have made it to the top 50 best vaults in Gringotts! Here's to passively fertilizing plants \o/

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    2. Chadwick Cadet

      Chadwick Cadet

      I used to really think about messaging Eno to ask for beans so that I could make it, but I always ended up too lazy lol

    3. Prof. Dario Brighton

      Prof. Dario Brighton

      I only have like... 43 000. :(

    4. Prof. Zenix James

  3. 4 open greenhouse plots for people that are looking! \o/

  4. Two more side-by-side plots in Greenhouse 2 if someone's interested!!


  6. There are two side-by-side plots in Greenhouse 2 if anyone is interested in getting them!

    1. Eno Thomas

      Eno Thomas


      Kay are you guys ok? I'm guessing so lol.

    2. Allison Sullivan

      Allison Sullivan

      whooops, the 101 is taken by me! thank you for posting this! xD

    3. Chadwick Cadet

      Chadwick Cadet

      woooooo, yay for gryffs getting them! \o/

  7. Just wanted to say that I looove your creative part for Miss HOL!!

  8. YES!! I finally got the top score in Mahjongg!!! \o/

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    2. Prof. Hailey Potter

      Prof. Hailey Potter

      ..... WHAT. SO JEALOUS. loooool.

    3. Chadwick Cadet

      Chadwick Cadet

      Dez this is a big deal. Don't even hate hahah

    4. Destri Weasley
  9. Last two days before class sign ups close! If you aren't already in 5 classes and you think you have time for another, definitely pick some up! And don't forget to sign up for G43 and to get your assignments in for this month! \o/

  10. ugh I am still wild jealous of your about me image. but ANYWAY in one of my classes yesterday we were discussing how the one thing you can't mess with Wisconsin people is football. People were telling stories about how insane people get over the packers and such there. xD I was like "I have a friend who lives there too!" lolol

  11. Hey, Welcome back! This year is the year of the lion, we aren't getting last again! Check out the new announcement in the Spice Jar to get involved! See ya around, -The Spice Squad

  12. Sooooo my computer got all busted up >> I might be slow with responding guys but I swear I will! xD

  13. CONGRATS to all new Junior Prefects! Ooooh the work I have planned for you *rubs hands together* ^^

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    2. Patrick James

      Patrick James

      Hahaha have fun ;)

    3. Prof. Fumei Spookie

      Prof. Fumei Spookie

      I'm getting the feeling I need to resign XP


  15. Paw Print articles are due tonight so get them in as soon as you can (and earn all those shiny points!) If you need help or a bit of an extension let us know :D

  16. Hi I miss you <3 come on irc, yo >>

  17. I'm sure you knew this was coming - but YOU SHOULD SO JOIN THE PP! xD I think you'd really like it! Aaaand you can write about anything to get pointtttssss! So whatever is most interesting to you at the time could be an article! *nods*

    1. Risa Swan

      Risa Swan

      lol I knooow I can write about anything hmmm I'll prolly send the app this week. More article more merrier huh xD

    2. Chadwick Cadet

      Chadwick Cadet

      yea! And the more articles, the more people will be interested because it's moooore likely they'll find stuff they like in it. Slash all of your pawtners always think you're crazy cool/listen to everything you say haha, so I'm sure whatever you came up with would be really interesting! xD


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    2. Pandora Gotham

      Pandora Gotham

      WOOT WOOT! I will most definitely sign up for that class ^__^

    3. Destri Weasley
    4. Allyson Celestra

      Allyson Celestra


  19. Today is officially one year since I came back last summer! Aaaaand I just made my 700th post for the year! Celebration anyone? \o/

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    2. Prof. Hailey Potter

      Prof. Hailey Potter

      And Gryffindor received an amazing lion that day. <3

    3. Chadwick Cadet

      Chadwick Cadet

      hahaha thanks everyone!! <3 *passes out fizzing whizbees*

  20. Hey I think you're cool, let's hang out. ^^

    1. Allyson Celestra

      Allyson Celestra

      lol, what? I just saw this now! BUT TOTES OKAY LET'S BE BFFS \o/

  21. HAILEY POTTER IS THE COOLEST!!! ps - woooo for being back from vacation!

    1. Destri Weasley

      Destri Weasley

      Welcome back Kay! <33 *licks*

    2. Pandora Gotham

      Pandora Gotham

      <3333s for you! I missed you!

  22. Watch out world, Bay is a botting machiiiiiine! \o/

  23. No big deal, but the common room just called the End of Term Feast in the RP forum "Hot." Pretty sure the common room knows that all attractive people roleplay... ^^

    1. Destri Weasley

      Destri Weasley

      It must have realized I was there, psh >_>

    2. Eno Thomas
  24. For the record, your "about me" on here is adorable haha

    1. Prof. Hailey Potter

      Prof. Hailey Potter

      lol how so? It's definitely a little outdated. By like a year. looool.

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