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Sixth Years
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  1. The awkward moment when you go to apply for a mobile shop seller and they offer you to be an IT! :D

    1. Chadwick Cadet

      Chadwick Cadet

      ahhh congrats!! Computers are where it's at ;)

    2. Eno Thomas

      Eno Thomas

      totally! xD Thanks!

  2. Everyone should join GQT!! ITS FUN!

  3. Let's get 100.000 Gryffindors to like this status! (Lol, so ghetto)

    1. Eno Thomas

      Eno Thomas

      and omg why cant you like your own status :<

    2. Prof. Hailey Potter

      Prof. Hailey Potter

      cause it's your status, shouldn't you automatically like it? That's just IMO though. xD

    3. Eno Thomas
  4. Yaye Im SwordRook147! Thanks Melli!

  5. Going on vacation for 10-12 days! Don't miss me too much!

  6. Rowan Dream!! I'M TRYING FOR GOD SAKE!!!

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