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Status Updates posted by Eno Thomas

  1. 4 monthly HWs&ECs done! One more class to go!

  2. Anneliese and Panda check your Gryff PMs ASAP pretty please :D

    1. Pandora Gotham

      Pandora Gotham

      :P At school dude. Didn't get them until later, yo. :( Sorry I was no help :((

  3. Brace yourselves newbs are coming! :S

  4. Can't wait to see what this year's Gryfftoberfest motto will be!

  5. Darn, thought the deadline for the puzzles was September 9th midnight -_-

    1. Prof. Hailey Potter

      Prof. Hailey Potter

      Oh no! :( I hate when that happens... usually it happens to me with library projects though. lool...

    2. Eno Thomas

      Eno Thomas

      lolol. I was so sure about it! Oh well.

  6. Done with the Astronomy OWL. Weirdly enough I passed the word limit on the essay by 140 words.

  7. Everyone go check Remember my last..new points opportunities! We have to keep up with the other houses this year!

  8. Everyone go sign up for LIMS!

    1. Chadwick Cadet

      Chadwick Cadet

      hahah it's under Current Activities - it's just starting this month! \o/

  9. Everyone should come watch the game tonight. 9 PM HOL Time #quidditch

  10. Everyone should go vote for me, Fumei and Nina for Mr./Mr. HOL!

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    2. Prof. Fumei Spookie

      Prof. Fumei Spookie

      whoop whoop! Go and vote everybody! and love on Eno and Nina's website!!! they are freaking amazing <333

  11. Everyone should join GQT!! ITS FUN!

  12. Go check the Point Opportunities forum in the Study Room for more ways to earn points. NOW! :P

  13. Go check the Study Room for more points opportunities!

  14. Go get your homeworks done before it's too late, I don't want another failing year. *sticks out wand*

  15. Go Ruby Rapidashes! Go Team Red!! Woooo! <_<


    1. Eno Thomas

      Eno Thomas

      Alright. Go make me a sammich then!

  17. Going on vacation for 10-12 days! Don't miss me too much!

  18. Gratz on those awards Gryffies!

    1. Eno Thomas

      Eno Thomas

      haha, go Zach!

  19. Great, we passed from Google to Google Mobile creeping the Common Room. Hello there GM!

  20. Group 1 for apples to apples: I'll post the green card tonight at 8 pm HOL Time. Get readyt!

  21. Gryff LIMS has officially started. Sign ups will stay open for one more day just in case someone wants to join and has missed the deadline.

  22. Gryff staff go check the Oaken Staff forum please :D

    1. Eno Thomas

      Eno Thomas

      Thank you Babs <3

  23. Happy Bday Mandy Meyer. Are you my twin or something?

  24. Happy Birthday Missa! <333

  25. Hehe, yup! We'll kick but this year!! :D

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