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    Hey Lions! My name is Celeste Farhorn. I am a first year here on HOL and am about two assignments and three finals away from completing my first year on the site. I must say, it's been an absolute blast! I'm 22 years of age, have a fondness for all things writing and literature, though appearance wise you would never guess that because I tend to dress like a skater chick. I'm from the UK. I'm basically that hair dying, skin piercing, tattoo adoring girl that loves books and technology way too much (whenever I'm not on here I'm usually gaming :D)
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    You've all been invited to help plan the end of year feast! Put your stamp on the food, the music and more. Celebrate handing in those last assignments by joining us from June 15th onwards; with a fun, easy task released every 2 days, there's plenty to keep you entertained until the end of term. Plus this is an excellent chance to top up your personal ruby stash before we tally the totals for the term. See you there
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    Hi everyone! My name is Louis, and I'm 26 this year :) I love Harry Potter. My house is Slytherin and today's my 3rd day in HOL :)
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    Hello, My name is Sakura Rose and I am a first year Hufflepuff. In real life I am 30. I love to read and dabble in some drawing and writing fanfiction.
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    Hello!! I'm a first year Slytherin. And I hope we'll become great lassmates/friends.
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    Hello all, I hope you're doing well and keeping safe. A little first year here come to say hello and start getting used to life in HOL!
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    Hi everyone, I'm Sparky! I'm a First year Ravenclaw. Harry Potter has been a huge part of my life. I also love things like video games, reading, and movies and a bunch of other stuff. I hope I'm welcome.
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    I spotted the Boggart in my dorm room. He turned into my alarm clock and I imagined him being a soft pillow and blanket so I could go back to bed :P
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