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Gryffindor Common Room
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Prof. Sky Alton

December Scenario: Fun at the Fair

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You crunch through a thick, fluffy blanket of snow on your way to the lake. Colourful stalls and booths have been set out on the ice and students and teachers are already milling around them, discovering what’s on offer. You rub your gloved hands together to try to stave off the chill and hope they’re serving something that’ll warm you up!

The Situation:

Welcome to the Hogwarts Frost Fair! The lake has frozen over and the professors have decided to take inspiration from the ancient frost fairs in London and set up a cosy little market on the ice. There are warm drinks, games and wintery activities to try your hand at. Join your friends and celebrate the snowy weather.

The Situation:

You can roleplay anywhere on the frozen lake and in the surrounding area of the grounds. Feel free to invent your own stalls or games but try to keep it on theme!

Give the guidelines a read before diving in. Have fun!

(Remember that you can earn 20 rubies if you make at least 4 posts!)

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