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Prof. Sky Alton

Enchanting Interviews

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  You’re just thinking about checking out the complimentary butterbeer fountain when someone dashes up to you and asks whether you’ve got your quill to hand. As it turns out, your VIP status means you’ve been granted an interview with one of the shining stars of the magical silver screen. The runner escorts you backstage and leaves you there, brightly telling you they hope you’ve got some good questions to ask…


  Well, do you? For this task, we’d like you to write up your interview with a wizarding movie star. They could be a character of your own creation or a Harry Potter character who’s decided to switch careers. You Need to write both your questions as the interviewer and their answers. You could ask them about anything: their upcoming projects, their dream role, their likes or dislikes, the latest scandal to hit the Daily Prophet… Remember though, they may not want to give you an honest answer.


  Your write-up should be at least 120 words. Post it below by 11:59 PM HOL-time on 18 August to earn 15 rubies!

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*Squeals with happiness as I spy the one-and-only Luna Lovegood, star of the famous wizarding cinema series of movies, Lost In Translation.


Emily:  "Ms. Lovegood, it is an absolute honor!  Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview!"


Luna:  "My pleasure, Twinklefingers!  What do you want to talk about?  Unicorns?  Fairies?  The plight of the poor Cobra Lily?  My new glasses?  Ask away!"


Emily:  "Twinklefingers?!  Ummm...okay.  Well, while all of those are interesting subjects, how about we start with something your fans are dying to know.  What truth is there to the rumors that you and Harry Potter have been seen keeping company at several clubs recently?  Is there trouble in paradise for the Potters?"


Luna:  "My dear girl, there is NEVER trouble in paradise.  That's why it's called paradise, Silly!!"


Emily:  "Right..but what about Harry Potter?!"


Luna:  "What about Harry Potter?  Wouldn't you rather talk about the Cobra Lily crisis?!"


Emily:  "Umm...we'll get to that, I promise.  But seriously, are you seeing Harry Potter?"


Luna:  "Of course I see Harry Potter.  I'm not blind, you know!!  I see thestrals, too, if you must know.  I saw a fairy once...I think.  It could have been a pixie, but I'm not  really sure!"


Emily:  "Right-o.  We'll take that as a tentative 'no' then.  Moving on!  What made you give up your career as a magizoologist to become a film star?"


Luna:  "Illyria told me it would be a good career move.  She's very wise like that."


Emily:  "May I ask who is Illyria?  Is she your manager?"


Luna:  "No, she's my owl.  Although she has managed to fly to the North Pole once, so that's something managed!"


***Emily shakes her head in bemusement, taking a moment to collect herself***


Emily:  "I see..I think.  Well, it seems that her advise was good because you've certainly made a succcess of it!'


Luna:  "Thank you; you're very kind to say so.  Now can we talk about the Cobra Lillies?  It really is most dreadful!"


***Emily makes a great show of checking the time, shaking her head with tremendous regret***


Emily:  "I'm sorry, Miss Lovegood, but it seems that we are all out of time.  Thank you once again for taking the time to talk with me and good luck with your next film!"


Luna:  "Oh drat!  Well. don't wish me good luck; it's the poor Cobra Lillies that need the luck!  Anway, toodles!"


Emily:  "Toodles and umm..good luck Lillies!"

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