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Iverian Gnash

Counterfeit Tickets

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The Film Festival – you’ve been waiting for it all year! Finally it’s here and you’re at the front gates, giddy with excitement. You make it to the front of the line where a retro style ticket booth stands and a lady asks for your ticket. With an excited smile, you dig around in your pockets, only to be greeted with a few coins and some old candy wrappers. Where has your ticket gone? If you can’t find it soon, you won’t make it past the front gate!


Upset, you back away from the booth while the person behind you steps up and presents a shiny ticket. Just as you’re beginning to feel rather upset, a kid taps you on the shoulder and you turn to see what he wants.


“Why don’t you just make your own ticket?” he asks.


“Well, I can’t do that, that’d practically be thievery to get in on a fake ticket,” you respond, though you’re not totally over the idea.


“You already paid for a ticket though, right?” he prods.


“Well, yes, but I don’t have it.”


“Then it’s not stealing if you get in on a fake one, as long as you’ve already paid for the real one.” You contemplate the idea for a second, until it finally begins to seem like a good one, so you nod at the kid who offers one last piece of advice, “Just make sure it’s realistic, but unique enough to be believable since all the tickets here are different!”


With your mind set, you begin to make your ticket.


Using any art medium you prefer, design your own personalized ticket! Your ticket should have your HOL name on it, so they know whose it is, but let your creative spirits roam! Your ticket should be no larger than 600 x 600 pixels. Complete this task by August 18th at 11:59 pm HOL time for 15 rubies!

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Ticket is designed as a film reel patterned colored in blue and yellow instead of black and white, for probably obvious reasons. 'ADMIT ONE' is written in all capital letters in black in the center of the ticket. Below that, my name is printed in a cursive/handwritten type of font. 

Edited by Kendra Givens

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