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Gryffindor Common Room
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Prof. Sky Alton

Task 6: A Change of Perspective

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 Sometimes it can help us to relax and gain a better sense of perspective if we look at familiar things in a new light. That’s why, for this activity, we’re using found objects (things you happen to have in your home already) in new and creative ways.

  You can pick from 2 options to complete this task:

Option 1:

 Collect items from around your home and use them to recreate a thing, scene or even a character from the Harry Potter universe. Try to be creative and put some effort in - a picture of your sock draw captioned ‘Dobby’s Idea of Heaven’ won’t quite cut it.

  Take a photo and share it below, along with a couple lines of explanation of what it is and how you made it.

Option 2:

  Find five objects you have lying around and work them into a story or poem of at least 80 words. Alternatively, you could just describe them in detail as though you’re experiencing them for the first time (again, at least 80 words, please).

Remember to keep all the objects featured HOL appropriate and not to include anything that might reveal any private information about you (like your hometown).

  You’ll earn 10 rubies if you post below by April 30th, 11:59 PM HOL-time.

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It's a Luna Lovegood doll that I made out of pieces of fabric and outgrown clothes.

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Stepping into the room under sun's glare

something on the table gives a stare.

It protects the secret treasure,

brandishing a pen at its leisure.


Head shaped like a noble beast,

prepared to make trespassers deceased.

'Thiefs and adventurers beware!

Come forth if you dare.'


Thief threw the sponge with great power,

it cut through the clear tape,

they wanted the bottle with the flower,

not afraid to get into a scrape.


Unicorn defeated lies on the table.

giving a croaking sigh

his protection going awry

with thief the hero of this fable.




Items: Half of a unicorn's head shaped like an egg, empty plastic soda bottle, duct-tape, a pen, sponge.

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Here is my attempt to recreate the sorting hat.  The base is made from kitchen towels and my 'snuggie' blanket, with a gap left open for the mouth.  The peak is made from a pair of work pants and my Derby hat.  (Yes, I recognize the irony there.)  

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