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Gryffindor Common Room
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Prof. Sky Alton

Junior Prefect Aplications

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  We are always looking for ways to make sure that Gryffindor is the vibrant, enjoyable and supportive house that our students deserve. A big part of that is making sure there are enthusiastic people on our staff bringing fresh ideas and perspectives to the table.


  Do you think you could help out around the Den? Do you have ideas for activities or initiatives you think could liven things up for the lions (and our lovely visitors, of course)? If so, we’d like you to consider applying to become a Junior Prefect.


  Junior prefects are student staff members who lend a hand to the professors and prefects. They organise activities, answer questions, make people feel welcome and set a good example by being encouraging and conscientious members of the community.


  To apply to be a JP, you must have been an active member of HOL and Gryffindor for a term (or at least 5 months). You must also answer the following questions in as much detail as you can:


HOL Name:


What is your favourite thing about the HOL Gryffindor Common Room?

Why would you like to take on the responsibility of being a JP for the house?

If you were chosen as a JP, what improvements or additions would you like to make?

To check you are familiar with the Common Room rules, what are the guidelines surrounding signatures? (Do not copy paste the answer, write it out in your own words)


A few things to keep in mind:

 There is no guarantee that you’ll be chosen if you apply. We won’t be picking everyone and there won’t always be vacancies. If we like your application but we currently have enough staff, we’ll keep you in mind the next time we need to recruit a JP.

If we like your application and want you to progress right away, we’ll expect you to go through some basic training first. This isn’t anything to be afraid of, it’s just to make sure you know how to manage certain things you might encounter.

Being a junior prefect doesn’t give you any powers outside of Gryffindor

If you fail to keep up with your duties, you could have the title taken away

Being a JP doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be promoted to a full prefect down the line, though it certainly helps.

If you have any questions before applying, talk to the Prefect in Charge.


Please private message your application to both Prof. Dario Brighton and Prof. Sky Alton using the group message function here on the Common Room. Title your PM ‘JP Application’.

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