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Gryffindor Common Room
Adaleine Shuster

Task 3: History of Magic

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You've heard rumors that Prof. Lockhart has been assigned to History of Magic, but it hasn't been officialy confirmed yet. Luckily for you, it's time for History of Magic, and, yep, it's Prof. Lockhart. You should all feel especially lucky that you get such a talented professor to fill your brains with his extensive knowledge. 


Today Prof. Lockhart has decided that a fallen letters would be a good idea, so he included a quote from one of his favorite people ever, and one of the greatest Wizards ever to have existed! That's right, himself. 


Click here for a larger version of the puzzle. 


PM the answer to me by January 31st at 11:59 pm HOL time for 10 rubies. 

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