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Gather around, gather around everyone! I am Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington (that is not Nearly Headless Nick - where you all come up with this I have no idea). I need something shiny to recognize you all by, so you all must begin wearing name tags showing off your Gryffindor Pride.


Create a signature and/or avatar for Gryfftoberfest 2020! Creating a signature earns you 20 rubies and an avatar earns you 5 rubies. If you use the Gryfftoberfest Motto in your signature, you will receive an extra 5 rubies! If for accessibility reasons you'd prefer to describe your siggy/avatar instead, go ahead in at least 100 words! Complete this by 11:59 pm HOL time October 31st. 

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I love the Gryfftoberfest spirit! :D

My siggy is now red with a golden lion, some paw prints and a big neon "GRYFFTOBERFEST 2020" written on it.

My avatar is also red, with the golden lion and also in neon across it is the "Gryfftoberfest".

And I added the motto below my siggy :D

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There, all new me! I hope our Fat Lady can appreciate the humour...

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The quality isn't the best because of the sizing choices, but I made these on Canva!

  • profile picture: "AMELIE | GRYFFTOBERFEST 2020" - minimal-ish aesthetic | nature-esque | mix of light browns | floral lineart in the top right and bottom left corners
  • signature: "2020 GRYFFTOBERFEST | Amelie Phelps" - more of a clip-art style | brown background | autumnal leaves (off-white, pastel yellow, autumn orange)


profile picture; "AMELIE | Gryfftoberfest 2020" signature; "2020 GRYFFTOBERFEST | Amelie Phelps"


click on either image to be directed to their respective image links!

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Posted (edited)



(picture of Distant Drums rose)


Siggy with Motto below


Gryfftoberfest 2020 - Mischief (will be) Managed


Edited by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
adding what kind of rose it is - Tarma

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