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Gryffindor Common Room
Sky Alton

Quest 14: March

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   The boat bucks beneath you and you brace yourself against the rail. The night sky is full of cloud and there’s a stiff wind picking up. A storm is on the way. All the better for sneaking about unobserved.


  You begin to make your way quietly toward the gangway but the sound of heavy boots causes you to freeze. Quickly, you crouch down behind something mounted on the deck. Two men pass, muttering bitterly about the cold and the rations. You take a deep breath of the salty air to steady yourself before going on. These men might seem ordinary enough but you’ve heard tell of their blood thirsty ways. If you’re caught, they won’t just throw you to the sharks…


The Treasure (10 rubies)

  You run over the riddle you’ve been told that hints at what you ultimately need to find.

I bare my collectors Black name

In the 18th century began my fame

Borne on a revenging queen

Never since have been seen

Let me Teach you where I’m found

Ill-gotten gains of the most renowned

Tides will rise and fall

The longest liver should take all

 (Tell me what this riddle points to)


  You make your way to the captain’s quarters at the stern. You can hear a lively party going on below decks, the shouting and music shaking the planks beneath your feet. A gust of wind splatters you with a mix of rain and spray. The storm is beginning. You eye the captains quarters. No light is visible around the door but that doesn’t mean they’re empty. It would be foolish to assume that the captain is making merry with her crew. But how are you to get her out of there long enough for you to search?


The Journey (20 Rubies)

  Come up with a plan for distracting the captain and getting her out of the cabin long enough for you to go through her possessions. You could write out your plan step by step, tell the story of how well it works or show it in a visual form like a storyboard or diagram. If you choose to write about it, it should be at least 100 words.


  Your heart in your mouth, you shut the door of the cabin behind you. You don’t have long. Fumbling around, you find a lantern. If you light it, it might alert people that you’re here but if you don’t, you’ve no way of searching for what you’re looking for.


  You go through the charts on the map table as fast as you can, then drag extra ones out of the wooden lockers mounted on the walls. Nothing. Or perhaps you’re just not seeing it. You take a moment to breathe, listening to the wind howling and waves crashing outside. You glance at the table itself. Carefully, you begin to feel underneath it and along the seams. There, a piece of folded paper tucked into a crack. You pull it out. You unfold it and squint at the roughly sketched map and messy writing. This certainly ‘looks’ like instructions for finding the treasure but how are you meant to follow them once you get there?


The Victory (20 rubies)

    You’ve travelled to the place where the treasure is supposedly hidden but now you need to decode the confusing instructions to find out where to look. Send me the numbers refered to by these clues:

  To the West, Take the same number of paces as the year Captain Kidd died divided by the number of letters in the first name of the Lioness of Britany. Turn to the North and take the same number of paces as there can be cannon on a Man-of-War (according to the design by Sir John Hawkins), divided by the number of children legendary Chinese pirate Ching Shih had. Stop and dig here for as many feet as the number of years the treasure owner was active as a pirate for.


  The deadline is 11.59 PM HOL-time on March 31st. Send all your tasks in one private message to me (Sky Alton). Once the deadline has passed, feel free to share your responses as a reply to this thread (but ONLY after the deadline).

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