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Gryffindor Common Room
Sky Alton

Task 1: On the Lookout

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  First things first, we need to work out whether Gryffindor Tower was the only area of the school effected. We can do this a lot more quickly if we all split up and check different places for nifflers or signs of them. Remember to tell everyone you meet about what’s going on! Follow the list below and report back to me once you finish your investigation.


  Each of these items is worth 2 rubies

Item 1: Check out the classrooms.

To Complete: Sign up for a class and let us know which one; alternatively, tell us the name of a class you’re teaching or assisting.

Item 2: Investigate the Departments

To Complete: Name all the projects currently being offered by the Art and Library Departments as well as who is currently in the lead for the Quidditch Cup.

Item 3: Examine the Great Hall.

To Complete: Post somewhere on the main HOL Forum (it doesn’t just have to be in the forum called The Great Hall). Tell us where you did it.

Item 4: Alert the other houses

To Complete: Visit or sign up for another houses Common Room forum and post there. Tell us where you did it.

Item 5: Spread the Word

To Complete: Edit your Gryffindor signature with a quote about shiny objects, the more creative the better.

  For all of these, include whether you saw any nifflers or evidence of their presence.


Note: Your posts should actually be in response to something already being discussed or played on the forums. Don’t just post ‘niffler!’ or ‘Sky told me to do this’ all over the place because that’s spam.


  Submit your completed checklist to me in a PM with the subject ‘Nifflers Task 1’ to earn 10 rubies (when we eventually get them back). The Deadline is 29th February at 11:59 PM HOL-time.

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People to have completed their mission:

Adaleine Shuster

Elena Galatas

February Fortescue

Kendra Givens

Lorainia Riverrider

Maxim Trevelyan

Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

Will Lestrange

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