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Gryffindor Common Room

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While you make your way through the factory, remember to keep an eye out for oompa loompas! They are everywhere, so keep a close watch. Every week two riddles will be posted pointing in the direction of oompa loompas. You must, of course, find them! Once you discover their hiding places, send me (Iverian Gnash) their locations for 3 buttercups per oompa loompa!


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For our first week, the clues are as follows:



Where the never ending list of numbers reside

Around 760 an Oompa Loompa wants to hide.



An oompa loompa is here

Lurking among the cakes and candles near.


Good luck!

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For our second week, the clues are as follows!



Standing next to a packed backpack and map,

An oompa loompa is taking a nap.



In this area, shouts of hello and welcome fill the air, 

An oompa loompa is curled up on a chair.

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