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First things first, we'll all need name tags so if you become separated from the group, one of our helpful oompa loompas can return you (assuming you can find them that is). Remember to keep all images below 600 to 600 pixels. If you decide to write a description of your name tag instead, please do so in at least 100 words. You will earn two tubs of hot ice cream and 10 rubies upon completion of your name tag!

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My name tag (siggy) is ....


image shows Willy Wonka and words "in a world of pure imagination" with a little bit of a star-burst/sunlight effect in the image


My avatar wouldn't take but this is what it was ... december-2019-willy-wonka-boat-ride-avat


picture shows Willy Wonka on the boat ride, being slightly fey



gif shows Willy Wonka on the boat ride. He is saying "There's no earthly way of knowing ....  which direction are are going ...."


Edited by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
attempt to change avatar but didn't work >.<

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My Siggy :D, 


(Image shows a hot chocolate in a red cup with marshmallows floating on top with a bit of whipped cream in it with Lora Wallabenger written in light brown color beside it. Some chocolate balls are shown over 'Wallabenger') 



My avatar



( Image shows a a wolf cub holding a candy cane in it's mouth. On top of the left corner Lora in red font is being shown. The background is dark red with some green patches on it.) 

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Sig/Name Tag:



Image shows February  in dark red font on the left hand side of the candy canes in the center, a red and a green candy cane tied together with a red bow in the center of the image, and Fortescue in dark green font on the right hand side of the candy canes in the center. A red and green candy cane is at the top and at the bottom of the image, for a border. The background is white. 





Image shows piece of green candy with FF in dark green font in center. The background is white. 

Edited by February Fortescue

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Background is glittery red and green diagonal ribbons with sparkles throughout.  It is trimmed with a gold border, and has a garland of Christmas ornaments going across the top.  In gold letters it reads "Emily Spencer" and right underneath my name it reads "Slytherin First Year" written in gold/cream.  

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Here's mine!




Image shows Willy Wonka's purple hat with "Ivey 2019" written on it on a brown background"




Image shows a Wonka Bar with "Ivey" written around the outside and "Chocolate Factory 2019" written along the bottom

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Here're mine:

Avatar (is violet from the 2005 movie because she rocked):


And siggy (this one I actually painted in medibang looking at another illustration):


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Signature shows a cupcake pattern for the background with a slightly transparent horizontal strip of white with 'Amy Lupin' in a dark pink serif font. The signature also has a 1px border on all sides using the same dark pink albeit slightly transparent.

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My name tag is divided into two parts. Upper part takes up around two thirds of the name tag and has different chocolate pralines on it. Then a thin white line separates it from the bottom part, which is a light blue gradient with my name, Maxim Trevelyan, written in dark brown color.

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