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Ticket Please!


You step into the factory's entrance and are asked to show your golden ticket. First things first, we all need golden tickets! The board is covered in chocolate bars and the ticket is hidden under one of the squares. Once someone finds the ticket, its position wants to change (and most definitely will). Send me a message with the chocolate you wish to open. If you do not find the golden ticket on your first guess, no worries, you will have plenty of chances to find one throughout the course of the event!


For every three tasks you complete, you get another chance at finding a ticket. If you complete all the tasks posted for a certain week before the week ends, you get an extra chance at guessing! To begin, everyone gets one guess at the chocolate board. I will post below the person's name once they have a golden ticket. Once you have a ticket, you can not continue to play (whatever will we do if people are running around dropping precious golden tickets all over the place).



Board shows a four by four board with a chocolate bar in each space. Each row is labeled A, B, C, D, and each column is labeled 1, 2, 3, 4. 


You earn four bars of whatever chocolate bar you find the ticket under once you find one! 

Send me your guesses before December 22nd!

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3 people now have a Golden Ticket!


Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis discovered it hiding at C2!


Lora Wallabenger has revealed the elusive ticket's spot at B3, thus securing herself a golden ticket! 


Prof. Tarma Black has secured a golden ticket at A1!


Will Lestrange has found a golden ticket at D4!


Its location has now changed! 


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