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Gryffindor Common Room
Sky Alton

Quest 12: November

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  You stroll through the restaurant, trying not to glance behind you. You’ve been careful but you’ve been playing this game long enough to know that that is rarely enough. You slide into a seat at a table for 1 and order a coffee from a passing waitress. You pull out your tablet and you wait.


  You sip your coffee, trying to keep your posture relaxed. A cash of data was stolen from a top secret base 2 days ago. A criminal organisation has arranged to buy it from the thief, only you’re here to intercept it first. Your mission is to obtain the data, remove the most crucial bits of information from the drive, plant a false trail and then replace it at the rendezvous spot, ready to be picked up by its new owner. And you have less than ten minutes in which to work. No big deal…


The Treasure (10 rubies)

  The information that was stolen is so top secret that your boss didn’t want to mention it to you directly. What you do know is that a file that was stolen contains the location of a very valuable asset. As you wait, an audio message pings in to your tablet. When you play it, you find a distorted collection of shorter and longer bleeps (represented by . and – respectively below). Crack this code to discover a clue to the identity of that asset. Send the decoded message and the name of the asset for full rubies.

----- ----- --…


  A thrill goes through you as you notice someone surreptitiously placing something very small on the floor a couple of tables away. Shielding your face with your tablet, you watch as they gently nudge the item behind a potted plant with their foot. You wait breathlessly while they settle their bill and stroll away. Trying not to leap to your feet, you ease your way over to the table on the pretence of getting a napkin and snag the little thumb drive with your foot. You sweep the room one last time but can’t see anyone who noticeably doesn’t belong. It’s time to get to work.


The Journey (20 rubies)

  Breathlessly, you boot up your laptop and begin to sift your way through the security protocols on the drive, the only thing separating you from the rich seam of data at its heart.

  For this task, I’d like you to design a mysterious interface that you might find on the thief’s drive: you should include icons, obscure file names/types and anything else you think will make it look top secret and irresistible to a criminal organisation. You can do this as a graphic or by describing what you find in 100 words.


  Your hands are beginning to tremble and you can feel sweat building on your back. You’re almost out of time and you’ve not found any trace of the important data. Is it possible it wasn’t actually amongst the files the thief managed to copy? Or perhaps you’re just missing it. Out of desperation you take one last look and discover a string that leads you to the remnants of a deleted file. Could this be it?


The Victory (20 rubies)

  You have managed to reassemble the data in question. For this task, you must decode the true location of the asset and then replace it with a false location. Solve the code and then, using the same code, write out your own location. Send both the decoded message and your own coded replacement for full rubies.

01001010 01100001 01101011 01100001 01110010 01110100 01100001



  The deadline is 11.59 PM HOL-time on November 30th. Send all your tasks in one private message to me (Sky Alton). Once the deadline has passed, feel free to share your creative responses as a reply to this thread (but ONLY after the deadline).



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