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  Remember in Goblet of Fire where Ron horrified his mother by saying he’d made up names of Goblins in his History of Magic Exam? It was quite easy for him as all the famous Goblins had similar, descriptive titles: -name- the –characteristic-. It was something we also saw around Hogwarts in various places, with Boris the Bewildered, Gregory the Smarmy and Wilfred the Wistful all making appearances. These are traditionally known as Epithets (and yes, that does usually mean an insult in modern English. These epithets don’t have to be negative, though they can be).


  Okay, linguistics lesson over. Let’s have some fun with them!


  For this game, you’ll be tasked with coming up with a title (including an epithet) for a Harry Potter character. You’ll then leave a character for the next person.


  For instance…

Person 1: Dobby

Person 2: Dobby the Valiant. How about Mundungus?

Person 3: Mundungus the Contemptuously Light-Fingered. What about Lavender Brown?


  And so on. You can use the same character more than once but do try to keep mixing it up. You’ll earn 1 gold piece for each title you come up with.


I’ll start us off, how about Luna Lovegood?

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