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Gryffindor Common Room
Sky Alton

Gryfftoberfest 2019: Welcome to the Fair!

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 My lords and ladies, bards and brigands, healers and house-elves, welcome to Gryfftoberfest 2019 and the Gryffindor Renaissance Fair!


  Gryfftoberfest is a month-long celebration of scarlet and gold: a chance to embrace and lightly poke fun at everything Gryffindor. Walk with me as we are transported back to a time of knights, giant slayers and very silly hats (oh no, Sir Nicholas, I didn’t mean yours). The Fair aims to mash together all the fun elements of muggle and wizarding history without any of the nasty ones (you don’t have to worry about being burnt at the stake or contracting dragon pox, for instance). If you’ve ever dreamed about being a monarch, a magical metalworker or simply yelling ‘huzzah’ or calling someone a ‘scurvy nave’ (and let’s be honest, who hasn’t), here’s your chance.


  There are 3 areas of the fair for you to explore:

The Royal Court: Their majesties graciously invite you to partake in mini games and spam.

The Stalls: Marvel at the wears on offer and spend your hard won coin.

The Tournament Ground: Win honour and renown at jousting, archery, ring toss or by interacting with the denizens of the fair (by completing puzzles and creative tasks).


  By trying your hand at what’s on offer, you’ll earn gold pieces. These are our special currency for the month and can be used to buy items from the stalls. You may also win items in the course of your adventures. You can keep any item you buy or win or you could trade it with someone else at the Trading Post.


  To earn our famous Gryfftoberfest Award (and who doesn’t want a huge glass of butterbeer brightening up their HOL profile?), you will need to pay a visit to the Fortune Tellers Booth on your way into the fair. She will gaze into her crystal ball/deck of cards/tea leaves (she’s quite changeable) and tell you what deeds you will need to accomplish to earn the award. Essentially: you’ll be given your own personalised shopping list of tasks and items to do or acquire that is unique to you (but roughly as difficult as everyone else’s). Doing everything on the list will earn you the award and a ruby bonus.



  To keep track of how many coins and which items you have, you can visit the Treasury thread. Here everybody’s in-game wealth will be listed.


  As for our sparkly red gems, items and gold pieces are separate from rubies. You are not limited to the number of gold pieces or items you can earn but you are limited to the number of rubies. To avoid confusion, we won’t be mentioning rubies within the fair: all the values given for tasks will be how many gold pieces they’re worth. To see what rubies are on offer, please visit the designated ruby thread or the overview threads for each area. To sum up though, there will be lavish ruby rewards for posting and for collecting a certain number and type of item so it’s well worth getting clued up before you start spending that gold!


  We’ll be adding new tasks and games approximately every 5 days so make sure you keep checking back to find what new wonders have opened up in the fair.


  If for any accessibility reason you struggle with any of the tasks on offer, chat to us privately and we can work out an alternative that suits you better.


  Everything is due at 11:59 PM HOL-time on October 31st when Gryfftoberfest comes to an end. This is the last chance to earn gold pieces, though you may make any last minute purchases up until 11.59 PM on November 1st.


  That’s enough idle chatter, venture forth and revel in yon delights. Huzzah! (or… Something like that)

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Remember you have a week, until 11.59 PM HOL time on October 31st,  to earn those gold pieces! We're giving you an extra day to spend them though and will be accepting purchases at the stalls until 11.59 PM on the 1st of November.


If you're still awaiting validation and would like to take part, then please do send me and/or Iverian a PM on the main HOL website. We're more than happy to receive puzzles, creative tasks, jousting choices, archery shots and purchase requests that way.

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You have around 6 hours left (until 11.59 PM HOL-time tonight) to earn gold pieces and take part in any of the tasks, games, archery or jousting. You have until the same time tomorrow to spend that gold though so remember to make any last minute purchases before then (11.59 PM HOL-time on November 1st).


Enjoy your last day at the fair!

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 712 posts, 250 items and over 2000 rubies later, the Gryfftoberfest Ren-Fair has come to an end. It really has been a gryfftastic time. I would like to thank you all for making the most of it and also Iverian for once again running with a wild and massively over complicated  idea of mine and helping to make it a reality. *raises her flagon of butterbeer*


  You should all have the rubies you’re due now but if you think there’s been an error, just let me know. A few quick shout outs, first to everyone who earned the maximum number of rubies available for shopping (Prof. Amy, Evi, February, Maxim and Prof. Tarma) and by completing tasks (February, Maxim and Prof. Tarma). Also to everyone who completed their fortune and earned the Gryfftoberfest award (Adaleine, Prof. Amy, Evi, February, Kendra, Maxim, Raevia and Prof. Tarma) – your trophies will be with you ASAP. And finally to Maxim who proved his shopaholic skills are not to be taken lightly by not only earning all rubies available but acquiring every single item (in every colour) on offer at the fair.


  So, for one last time, let’s enjoy screaming February’s winning motto far too loudly: ‘roaring and revelry!’



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Huzzah! *gulps down a flagon of butterbeer*


Thank you Sky and Iverian for devising and hosting one of the funnest activities ever.

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