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Gryffindor Common Room
Iverian Gnash

Draper's Stall

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You approach the Draper's Stall to find many brightly colored clothing items of all different styles. Your eyes catch on many items you just have to have. 


Doublet: red, blue, yellow or green - 30 coins




Hat - 20 coins




Medieval Dress - 50 coins




Slippers - 25 coins




Boots - 30 coins




Gloves: available in red, blue, yellow and green - 15 coins each




Scarf - 15 coins


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A green doublet and green hat, please.


Alas, I see I do not have enough gold.  How embarrassing!

Edited by Emily Spencer

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The green glove is yours, Tarma


Emily, thanks to jousting, you now have enough gold for a hat. They don't come in colours though (only the gloves and doublets do); if you want a green item, would you like a green glove for 15 gold pieces or an unspecified hat for 20?

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*wraps it neatly in brown paper and passes it over*

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