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Gryffindor Common Room
Sky Alton

Ring Toss

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The prizes have been refreshed for the last time and your turns have been reset

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Tarma, unfortunately item 13 proves unlucky and you miss

Will, you miss 11 but hit 12 next to it and receive a cheese fritter

Maxim, you hit  6 and find 40 gold pieces

Amy, you hit  7 and find a blue doublet

Raevia, unfortunately you miss

Adaleine, you miss  15 but score  14 next to it, finding a Gryfftoberfest flag

February, you miss mystery item 9 but hit mystery item 5 behind it, earning yourself 10 gold pieces

Lora, you miss mystery item 14 but hit 13 next to it, scoring yourself a quill

Evi, you miss mystery item 5 but hit mystery item 1 behind it and gain a green apple tartlet

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