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Gryffindor Common Room
Prof. Dario Brighton

Our Staff

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In this post, you'll find the current staff of Gryffindor House and what positions they hold. You can also consult our guide down below if you have a matter you need to raise with one of us, but want to make sure you approach the right person!




In order to provide an organised system of splitting concerns, Gryffindor operates on a chain-of-command hierarchy.


The chain of command is as follows.


Student → Junior Prefect / Prefect / Club Head → Prefect in Charge / Deputy Head of House → Head of House




@Adaleine Shuster

is our current Junior Prefect

Our team of Prefects include @Lorainia Riverrider

 and @Iverian Gnash

 who is Prefect in Charge.


The Heads of House are @Prof. Dario Brighton

 and @Prof. Sky Alton




Junior Prefects and Prefects are your first port of call. They're here to help organise events and keep the house a safe, fun environment. If you're having an issue with someone or something in the house, please raise it with either a Junior Prefect or a Prefect. Even if they don't think they can deal with it, they will pass it on to the right people higher up in the chain of command.


Also, if you have an idea for Gryffindor, please pass that along to a Junior Prefect or a Prefect as they're always looking to work with students to improve the House.


If you feel an issue is particularly serious or you aren't comfortable discussing it with a Prefect, please approach the Heads of House: they will liaise with other authorities within HOL when/if appropriate.


@Sky Alton and @Iverian Gnash handle our house Newspaper.

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