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  If you have any questions about a particular task or the concept as a whole, please post them below. I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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You have

While you can certainly complete the quests ‘as yourself’, you can also create a bold hero to do the legwork for you.

I've a question. When I read that entire post, I immediately thought of someone in one of the books I read.

Is it acceptable to base one's hero(ine) on a person in a book or does this have to be made up from scratch?

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Interesting question. You can take inspiration and elements from existing characters (and let us know who they are) but try to also make them uniquely your own. That's true of the design a Quester aspect as  you're getting beans for being creative and original


but: if you want to complete some individual quests in a sort of Fan-fic style with an existing character, you absolutely can (providing you credit the creator of the particular character when you do).

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Quest number three -- In the first part (The Treasure - 10 Beans) you have this:

"To keep your mind off the unsettling feeling, you run through the child’s verse you’ve been told about this treasure:

A hornet’s tail, spider’s bane,

it went there and back again

Trolls plunder, blade keen

Sensed enemies by its sheen

Hobbit’s helper, elve’s pride,

Force by its size belied


  Your hand, still skimming the cave wall, suddenly flails in empty air. You nearly stumble sideways into the opening you’ve found before righting yourself. You light the stub of candle you’ve been trying to save for as long as possible and survey the new cavern."


Is this a riddle and you are wanting us to solve it? Or are you wanting it solved and a 'picture' of the solution? Or what?

Thank you. :)


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Yep. Instructions now edited back in (must have gotten lost somewhere in the redrafting, thanks for the heads up Tarma!)

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