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  1. I slap Ivey because I want to
  2. I slap amy for being On the Hunt for Snorkacks
  3. I usually prefer it on my own, where I get to play it my way without getting distracted from the activities of my teammates. I make my own strategies using my own ideas and brain. When playing alone it is a lot easier to put your plan in the gameplay, without having to hear anything from your teammates for your mistakes. But I also play in a team if its required like when playing some games like pubg its fun playing a squad than playing alone.
  4. Eiffel tower Rather watch/read Anime OR manga?
  5. take charms would you rather live a short life and die like a hero or live a long life and die like you never existed?
  6. be stalked by a rainbow dash would you rather get locked in a room of full spiders with everything you need OR get locked in a clean room with nothing
  7. I remember playing paper football and sharpener fight. I was very good at both the games and like they are my all time favourite I still play them sometimes and my mood gets better. and video games wise, i used to like plant vs zombies and my favourite plant was the one which used to throw frozen peas. i even liked super mario bros which i used to play in my gameboy. I completed the games so many times and I know all the tips and tricks that can be used. i even used to own a PSP and my favourite was a racing game whose name I forgot. All my childhood I have liked all the games I played and won in and I think I am better at games more than any girl my age in my school. And I am proud of it.
  8. Happy birthday Sky!! Have a great day
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