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  1. Yes! _ _ mme _ (6 letters) Lives: 5
  2. Great job everyone! So happy to see such active Gryffs, well deserved everyone!!!
  3. YAY to everyone who graduated!!!! So proud of you all :D Now we can all go off to stare at our profiles for a few hours to get used to it :P 

  4. No t. _ _ _ _ e _ (6 letters) Lives: 5
  5. I slap Emerald for mentioning caramel macchiatos and now I want one D:
  6. No c's! _ _ _ _ e _ (6 letters) Lives: 6
  7. Yes! One e. _ _ _ _ e _ (6 letters) Lives 7:
  8. So much fun!!! <333 Now I'll be off with the rest of this cake to finish it up, found out I love all the layers :o Oh... but yeah... I guess if I don't help there'll be problems *starts cleaning up grumbling*
  9. No a! _ _ _ _ _ _ (6 letters)
  10. Yes! Alright, _ _ _ _ _ _ (6 letters)
  11. I slap Carrie for even questioning if Sky caught me (I'm obviously wayyyy too fast... *cough* but yes, she did)
  12. Jack seemed taken care of, so Ivey walked off to go find Sky again. Hopefully she still had that pizza. Right as she was waltzing off, Carrie asked if she wanted to have some cake, but Ivey was feeling rather in the mood for pizza... but that cake looked absolutely delicious. "Sure!" she said as they walked over to it. All the many layers, Ivey had no idea what to take, but eventually found a coconut layer and decided that sounded delicious. She took a little bit of that and a bit of other layers that looked magnificent as well just to be totally sure she had tried everything she would like.
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