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  1. EXTRA EXCITING GQT NEWS (Part 2)!! Patrick James has agreed to be the GQT Co-Captain!! Congrats Pat!!!!! :D

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    2. Shadow Gaunt

      Shadow Gaunt


    3. Zach Jameson
    4. Prof. Zenix James

      Prof. Zenix James

      Way to go, my brother from another mother!

  2. Exciting GQT news (Part 1)!! During the GQT vs RQT game, we scored 80 points! We're making fantastic progress this year, so be sure to come out and support the GQT vs HQT next Saturday, 19 March 18, at 9 pm HOL (4 pm EST)!!! 

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    2. Prof. Sky Alton

      Prof. Sky Alton

      Wooo GQT!!!!!!!! And Patrick managed that while melting, seriously impressive. Also *shoots Tarma a sideways look*

    3. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
    4. Zach Jameson
  3. Congrats to GQT on a well played game vs HQT this weekend!! And extra special congrats to Prof. Zenix James for her MVP award!! :D  


    Remember, if interested in joining the Gryffindor Quidditch Team, message me!

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    2. Zach Jameson
    3. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

      Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

      It was an amazing and very fun game. Thank you! And, well done, Zenix.  :)

    4. Prof. Zenix James

      Prof. Zenix James

      AMAZING GAME! Both teams! And thanks, Tarma.

  4. Happy Birthday, Missa!! :D Hope it is very purple!! 

  5. Brushing the dust off the broomsticks!! GQT will be flying back soon! :D

  6. Thanks to everyone who turned in applications for Newt's Assistant!! He is carefully review the applications and we will announce the results soon! :D

  7. Last Magicalzoologist Task is posted! You can still turn in ALL tasks! Due Date is Dec 7th!! 

  8. Task 3 is posted! You can still submit Tasks 1 and 2!! Don't wait! :D

  9. November Activity Task 2 is posted!! 

  10. Lions and Lion-Guests! Go participate in the November Activity! :D

  11. Any of you heard of the Hogwarts Running Club?? I just ran 6.2442 miles today for their Dept. of Mysteries run! :D

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    2. Prof. Jenny Lupin

      Prof. Jenny Lupin

      Basically, it is a really cool thing anyone in the world can do! IT's all about getting more active and walking or running more. :)

    3. Alessandra Grace

      Alessandra Grace

      Seems fun :) I'll check it out, thank you :D

      and congratulationa for your score ;)

    4. Jessica Sliverkin

      Jessica Sliverkin

      Thanks for letting us know about this! I'm a huge runner myself!

  12. Den Challenge update slightly delayed, waiting for one submission still. *pokes* I have time tomorrow so I will update ASAP! :)

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    2. Prof. Jenny Lupin
    3. Kim Alting

      Kim Alting

      Sorry Jenny... Zenix and I are the only ones participating. :(

    4. Prof. Jenny Lupin

      Prof. Jenny Lupin

      I know, I'm sorry there aren't more people helping. :( But you two have done amazing! :)

  13. Totally snowed in. :( I feel guilty not driving the mile and a half down to the gym tonight, but I've seen at least 2 cars get stuck in the snow on my street and the weather has only been getting worse today!! Crazy!

    1. Prof. Hailey Potter

      Prof. Hailey Potter

      Please send your snow to Tennessee. We will happily take it!! lol


  15. Any new Gryffs want to learn to play Quidditch?? :D

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    2. Prof. Jenny Lupin

      Prof. Jenny Lupin

      Woo! I'll message you some information! :)

    3. Prof. Zenix James

      Prof. Zenix James

      Yes, Kim, come play with us!

    4. Prof. Fumei Spookie

      Prof. Fumei Spookie

      I put my 24/7 bot up in the gryff bot rooms xP (with themes 3__3) just so you know xP

  16. Woohoo! LION PARTY!!!! :D

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    2. Prof. Dario Brighton

      Prof. Dario Brighton

      Great game everyone, butterbeer on me! :D

    3. Allison Sullivan

      Allison Sullivan

      WOO JENNY \o/

      *grabs butterbeer

    4. Prof. Tom Foster

      Prof. Tom Foster

      Wooohoooo. Thank you, Professor. It was a great game by all.

  17. Trying to change the settings so non-approved accounts can't post status updates....

    1. Prof. Jenny Lupin

      Prof. Jenny Lupin

      I think I've fixed it, we just got hit by a ton of spammer validations...

    2. Prof. Dario Brighton
    3. Prof. Hailey Potter

      Prof. Hailey Potter

      .... I don't visit for a day and miss all the good stuff, it seems. loool.

  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISSA!!!! (A little early :P) ENJOY THE PURPLE!!

    1. Prof. Jenny Lupin

      Prof. Jenny Lupin

      Sorry if colors are off, still working on it slowly. :)

  19. There's a full bot up in the GQT Team Room! If you are interested in learning to play Quidditch, join #gqt on IRC or message me on the chat rooms for help! :)

    1. Prof. Jenny Lupin

      Prof. Jenny Lupin

      You can try playing quidditch first without being registered! We welcome new players and guest Gryffindors to practice, too! :D

  20. Sorry if things are missing from the CR! We're trying to fix some things behind the scenes... :)

  21. Junior Prefect Applications coming soon! :D

  22. Happy Birthday, Missa!! And Happy Purple Month, Lions!! :D :D

  23. The Forum has been UPGRADED!! There are some new things I'm playing with, and it will be oddly colored for a bit, but I promise it will look awesome when it is done! :D

    1. Risa Swan

      Risa Swan

      weeee go Jenny for upgrading the forum *\o/*

    2. Chadwick Cadet
    3. Pandora Gotham

      Pandora Gotham

      Woot woot! It looks so death to the c-word! I love the clicky icons at the top! :D

  24. Summer Camp Sign Ups are OPEN!! GO JOIN IN THE FUN! :D

  25. Worked over 60 hours this week... goodness I'm tired. -__-

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