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  1. Sherlock Holmes! “I don’t want to survive. I want to live.”
  2. Inside Out! “When you use a bird to write with, it’s called tweeting.”
  3. Ticket is designed as a film reel patterned colored in blue and yellow instead of black and white, for probably obvious reasons. 'ADMIT ONE' is written in all capital letters in black in the center of the ticket. Below that, my name is printed in a cursive/handwritten type of font.
  4. The Wizard of Oz! "I'm king of the world!"
  5. "Some stranger somewhere remembers you because you were kind to them."
  6. This one should not surprise any of you, but I think of my speaking very rapidly, usually telling stories that are irrelevant to others and might not make any sense to them. I think if I were to slow down and realize the thoughts coming from my brain to my tongue, I wouldn't say half of what I do. Either that, or I would tell stories in a simpler fashion with my details more ironed out, rather than rambling. I apologize to all of you who deal with this and me on a regular basis <3
  7. While I have a large list of things I can think of that could be silenced, a few things come to mind at this moment: 1. The baby sparrows in the nest above my front door. Every morning, as I sit at my computer, all I hear is a bunch of tiny chirps. While it's adorable, I also get to a point of please just be quiet. Today, they're learning to fly, so there's a bunch of added noise with that too. And mama bird freaking out a little bit. 2. My dog is easily startled and has a vendetta against my neighbors. I let him out at 4am and the air conditioner shut off at that exact moment, which startled him. He started running toward the neighbors' house while barking incessantly. If I could just aim a silencing charm at him, I wouldn't have to be yelling at him to shut up at 4am. Or ever.
  8. I love all of the ideas here, and I agree with all of them. I would add that I would waterproof my watch. My wrist feels empty without it, but sometimes I'm nervous to wear it if it's raining or if I'm going to the pool. Even sometimes when I wash my hands I worry that I'll ruin it. If it was equipped with the Impervius Charm, I could wear it wherever with no fear. I wouldn't even necessarily need to take it off!
  9. I can think of two things I'd summon at the current moment: 1. My (now deactivated) credit card. I got the new one in the mail today, but I'd still love to know where the old one ended up. I used the old one and then didn't put it back in its proper place in my wallet, and I can't for the life of me remember what weird place I put it in. 2. My cell phone. I know that my cell phone is in my purse and I'm sitting on the couch watching a movie. I don't want to get up to get my phone.
  10. One thing I do at night before bed when I need to 'turn off' for the evening begins with laying flat (in a comfy position), taking a deep breath, and leave my eyes closed. From there, I focus on individual muscle groups, starting at my feet. I visualize the my muscles 'turning off' or becoming heavy, just letting all of the tension go. I just shift my focus from my feet, to my calves, to my thighs, etc., until I'm all the way up to my eyes. It just leaves me feeling heavy at the end, like I've really sunk into the bed. Sometimes I'll purposely tense up and then relax, instead of just visualizing the relaxation. When I focus my energy into purposely tensing up muscles before releasing them, I feel the release that much more strongly.
  11. Lavender for sure. She's a determined woman who fights for what she wants and doesn't back down very easily. Fred or George Weasley?
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