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  1. Definitely dream career. A house is just a thing, in my opinion. A career defines a huge portion of your identity. Would you rather be vegetarian for a month or never eat ice cream again?
  2. Guilty, as I think is everyone who has been in middle or secondary school :p Has written something on a resume or application that isn't true?
  3. Take Caution If Swimming M. D. I. A.
  4. On Top of the World - Imagine Dragons If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?
  5. I think that there is someone (or maybe multiple someones) who forgets to close doors tightly when they come into the castle and/or the common room. A niffler can't open a door independently, but I'd think they could certainly nudge a door open that had been left ajar. Perhaps whoever is guilty of leaving a door or two ajar was wearing some shiny jewelry or had some keys dangling from a robe pocket. There was likely a family of nifflers living in a burrow somewhere on the castle grounds, and at least one of them noticed a student with a dangling shiny object heading into the castle. A niffler's focus is difficult to break when they encounter something shiny, so that niffler family stopped at nothing to follow the shiny object as the student entered the castle. Whatever was keeping that student distracted enough to forget to close the door tightly also left them oblivious to the fact that he or she was being followed by a family of nifflers.
  6. Stand By You - Rachel Platten What is your hidden talent?
  7. I present to Queen Amy an intricate hand-drawn map of the world which changes colors with the seasons.
  8. Knowing that the king's stallion is currently otherwise occupied, one of the king's servants transfigures another horse to look exactly like the king's stallion. The juggler happily agrees to perform a special show while riding the horse! ...except he goes to find his juggling balls, he realizes that someone has stolen them! The show must go on - what happens next?
  9. Ariana the Unpredictable. Blaise Zabini?
  10. May I please purchase a wooden flute?
  11. I would like to purchase a bow and arrow, please.
  12. It turns out that someone had accidentally (or perhaps on purpose?) cast Tarantallegra on the Griffin being kept in one of the cells. The Griffin's dancing caused the ground to shake, which in turn caused all of the cell doors to swing loose. The mice weren't dancing - their meal was rudely interrupted by the ground shaking! Someone rushed to cast a Finite Incantatem on the Griffin and the commotion ceased. As our heroine exits the dungeons, she almost falls into a massive sink hole that has formed suddenly in the middle of the festival grounds. How might this be explained, and how can it be fixed before someone gets hurt?
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