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  1. My tent in dark purple, and looks like a pretty regular tent, with a welcome sign hung outside the door flap. Inside, you walk into a living room area of sorts, with a few chairs, small television, and small bookshelf. There are two comfy chairs in front of the television. Off to the right, there is a simple kitchenette. There is a separate, completely enclosed bathroom. Like Fumei said, I prefer my bathroom to be comfortable and private. Then behind the living room section, there is wall that goes 3/4 to the ceiling with two twin sized beds behind it. That way, I can have a friend stay over with me. The wall isn't a complete wall and doesn't have a door. The separation is just for the purpose of anyone who wants to change without being seen or if someone wants to watch television while someone sleeps, then the light won't keep the other person up. Magical moment - if you would rather sleep right next to each other, you can push the beds together and they'll merge into a single queen sized bed!
  2. Definitely dream career. A house is just a thing, in my opinion. A career defines a huge portion of your identity. Would you rather be vegetarian for a month or never eat ice cream again?
  3. Guilty, as I think is everyone who has been in middle or secondary school :p Has written something on a resume or application that isn't true?
  4. Take Caution If Swimming M. D. I. A.
  5. On Top of the World - Imagine Dragons If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?
  6. Stand By You - Rachel Platten What is your hidden talent?
  7. I present to Queen Amy an intricate hand-drawn map of the world which changes colors with the seasons.
  8. Knowing that the king's stallion is currently otherwise occupied, one of the king's servants transfigures another horse to look exactly like the king's stallion. The juggler happily agrees to perform a special show while riding the horse! ...except he goes to find his juggling balls, he realizes that someone has stolen them! The show must go on - what happens next?
  9. Ariana the Unpredictable. Blaise Zabini?
  10. May I please purchase a wooden flute?
  11. I would like to purchase a bow and arrow, please.
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