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  3. Thank you, Sky and Ada! I had fun answering the trivia questions and solving the puzzle tasks. :)
  4. Thank you Sky for organizing the activity. I had a blast and enjoyed providing answers to some of the tasks. And thanks for the rubies as well, and beans. \o/
  5. You'll never know if you don't ever try again, so let's try. - by Panic! at the Disco, Hallelujah
  6. Blurb from the original author's notes: It was freezing that night. I was in a well hidden niche, elevation higher than its surroundings, providing a perfect view of the tribe of trolls below. They move rather slowly and shows low level of intellect. They tend to act violently but surprisingly, show signs of caring for their children. Their focus on their offsprings tend to be the cause of partners having a big fight in the wee hours of the morning. They tend to sleep late at night and wake up late in the morning. About the Author: The author is a witch and a magizoologist from Scandinavia. She was secretly following the lives of a tribe of trolls in the mountains of Northern Europe. She planned to publish a book after spending one year with the trolls. It was unfortunate that on her twelfth month, she had encountered Gilderoy Lockhart in a pub, had some drinks with him and chatted with him about her adventures with the trolls. Difference from Lockhart's version: I think the original book would provide more behind-the-scenes information since she actually lived the said journey. Lockhart's version would focus more on the interaction and main observations of the trolls since that would be the topic of their discussion in the pub but the smaller details that would provide the complete picture of the whole adventure is probably missing from Lockhart's book.
  7. The image is that of the scene of Dobby in the Malfoy Manor, rescuing Harry and company, containing the word title of the film, "The Life of Dobby, the Free House-Elf".
  8. There are several characters in the story with acts of bravery. I will discuss Dobby, the house-elf. Dobby went all out of his way, for the reason to do what is right, and to prevent something that is not right. Will all the right intentions, he made friend of Harry and since then, saved him a lot of times, most especially in the Malfoy Manor incident. His act of disobedience is a biig no for his life as a house-elf, yet he still chose to do the right thing. The magnitude of the act that he's done is a big ripple to the story. Although there were many times that Harry wished for him not to help him due to unfortunate events happening to Harry every time Dobby helped him, he still stayed with him until the end, where he ultimately died for Harry and the bigger cause. He surely did not die in vain and became one of the most loved characters in the story, which he surely deserved.
  9. I think Poppy Pomfrey deserves to be in this thread. It takes a lot of patience and love to be a nurse in an institution with thousands of occupants. Sometimes, her work is a given that she is neglected and unappreciated over and over. It was like she was just there that that her being there is nothing to worry about. She showed warmth and kindness but her being strict is sometimes misunderstood. She is brave, too, considering her efforts to help in the Battle of Hogwarts, both in the scenes of battle and treating the wounded. The hospital wing is an important setting in the story so it is befitting to honor those in-charge in it.
  10. It's kind of late, but I always make it a point to drop by the lions' den in November to have a look at some purple! Happy Birthday Missa and other November peeps! :)

  11. Since it's already your birthday on my time zone, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SULLEY!

    1. Allison Sullivan

      Allison Sullivan

      Lool. Thank you Sirius!! <3

    2. Risa Swan

      Risa Swan

      OMG I missed it. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, ALLS! Hope you get another amazing year! <333

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