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    It’s time to present our termly awards and celebrate everything that Gryffindors did well during the Autumn Term. It was an amazing term for the house so whether or not you earned a trophy this time round, you should be extremely proud of what you achieved. First up, we have the platinum quill award which is given to the Gryffindor who has earned the most points throughout the term. Our winner this time is @Carrie Wartswith a tremendous haul of 1828 points! Congratulations, Carrie and keep up the excellent work. It was the closest race I’ve ever seen as she beat out last term’s winner, Iverian Gnash, by just 2 points. Next are the Phoenix Award (for Gryffindors) and Lionheart award (for Visitors) given to those people who have the highest ruby count here in The Den. Carrie Warts has done it again as she swoops in to claim the Phoenix award with a glittering 661 rubies. The winner of the Lionheart is unrivalled ruby gatherer extraordinaire @Maxim Trevelyan of Ravenclaw with a staggering 1010. And now onto the awards decided by the house staff: Curious Kitten This award is given to someone who has been an enthusiastic, welcoming and heartening presence around The Den. We would like to present it to @Manya Granger. She has spent every moment of her very first term demonstrating the qualities we love to see in our Gryffindors: friendliness, enthusiasm and (perhaps most importantly) heart. Consistent Cub This award is presented to someone who is everywhere, doing everything. We couldn’t think of a worthier recipient than @Rose Pottermore who has dived into all HOL has to offer headfirst. Her energy, adventurousness and friendliness light up The Den. Studious Simba This award goes to a lion who has distinguished themselves through hard work in class and beyond. We’d like to present it to @Emerald Wolvenhowl for her incredible efforts in her classes and elsewhere in the school this term. This award was particularly hard to decide on because it’s been a standout term for hard working gryffs. For that reason, we would also like to offer heartfelt commendations to @Carrie Warts, @Iverian Gnash, @Lorainia Riverrider, @Taylor O'Donoghue and Doris Creevey for all they achieved last term. Well done everyone and here’s to an equally splendid term this time round. I seem to have left my purse in my office so butterbeers are on Ivey!
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    I am really honored, though I have been irregular, But I would like to thank my mentor Sky, Headboy Maxim, my prefect Ivey for always showing me the right path, Many many congratulations to my fellow Gryffindors and other dear friends Rose, Maxim, Carrie, Lo, Taylor, Ivey and Em :)
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    Well done everyone!! You all make Gryffindor amazing! *passes around butterbeers*
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    2020 is nearly at an end and so is the Autumn term. Most classes will have a final deadline of 15th January but make sure you double check yours so you know for certain when you need to get any last minute assignments sent in by. We're lagging a little behind in that cup race right now so let's start off 2021 right and snag a few extra points if we possibly can. :D If you signed up for Secret Elf, the deadline is drawing near! Remember to get your gift sent off to the organisers at the dedicated activity email before 11:59 PM HOL-time on the 31st of December. Land of the Sweets is also in full swing. Make sure you head over to the main forum to enjoy some of the sweet, festive goodness on offer before January 17th! Go go Gryffindor!
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    Ah, so you all have convinced me to return. Much thanks to everyone who has proved to me how much you all really care. I must admit I wouldn’t mind staying in Honeydukes forever though– it’s practically my home after all. Some of you have heard my story, but for those who have not, I believe it is time to reveal my history. When I was young, I loved Hogsmeade. It was one of my favorite places to spend free time and I wanted to live there when I got older. My mother was Gunhilda de Gorsemoor, some of you may recognize that name as the statue that guards the secret passageway to Honeydukes. My mother died when I was young, but that didn’t stop me from making something of myself. I started a business in 1641 with the money I inherited, before the passageway existed of course. Finally, I lived and worked in Hogsmeade. Between my business and daily life, I fell in love with none other than Prof. Xavier D’Angelo – the late headmaster. He went on to become headmaster and I went on to become a successful businesswoman, but there was still a way we were able to see each other from time to time. Remember that passage behind my mother’s statue? If you haven’t guessed it yet, we would sneak through it to spend some time with each other. I used to bring brightly coloured boxes full of Honeydukes sweets (Chocolate Frog anyone?) to many a student and staff while my business was in full bloom. I loved cheering them up with my confections. I also made use of my cooking knowledge to shower the house elves with delicious new recipes for desserts and sweets which they have incorporated in many of your meals. Yes, you have me to thank for those confectionary delights. I knew even in death I would want to have my memory restored in Hogsmeade, the village I held so dear, and in Honeydukes, the business I created, and so, my portrait resides there which some of you exceptional students were so clever to figure out. Perhaps a list of Honeydukes themed passwords is in order for the week? As a reward for all of your hard work, I have asked your prefect to award everyone shiny rubies for their efforts. Those you will now see on your ruby counts. If you believe yourself not to have the correct amount, go find your prefect, I have passwords to create. Now, for all of those students who so cleverly found me, I have also added a shiny award to your award shelves. Much thanks to everyone! Now I’m heading back to my usual portrait to clean it up and find out how much a mess you all made while I was away.
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    One new outfit for The Fat Lady consists of a red short-sleeved top made of silk with a matching skirt. She's got a new gold choker necklace (many strands woven together so it looks like a rope of gold). She's got some red roses circling her forehead and dark sunglasses with red heart frames. Her lipstick is a matching red, of course, and the finishing touch are dangle ruby-drop earrings. Her hair is dyed a midnight blue and pulled back into a quasi-ponytail -- to go along with her new outfit.
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    *Late as always* I entered into the great hall! The tables are set , and full of delicious breakfast, I sit beside Rose whom I met at Diagon Alley and we travelled together thriugh Hogwarts Express.. I got to know that we have only one class together that's a little sad but the good news is she is my roommate. I saw the house ghosts saying "Good Morning"! And according to th time table now I have rush to the classes!
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    I took the very first classes I saw. HOL 101 - One Term Class Aurors Training Level One And Two - Full Term Class A Visit To Diagon Alley - One Term Class History Of Hogwarts : The Castle - Full Term Class History Of Hogwarts : The Founders - One Term Class
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    Sebastien ran into The Great Hall, his robes and black and yellow Hufflepuff tie all askew. Due to all the excitement of last night's Sorting, he was up for too long and overslept. Sebastien moved graciously through the people coming and going, apologizing whenever he bumped into anyone. He looked around for any of his housemates, unfortunately not finding any. Shrugging, Sebastien decided to start with his breakfast, piling up some good, hearty food on his plate.
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    I immediately thought of the play written by the famous witch William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream. The Bard of Stratford-upon-Avon incorporated elements of magic and mischief into a story which has delighted audiences for centuries. Within the play itself are a number of stories involving different characters -- so there are enough parts for lots of people to join in. Music was later written for it, by Felix Mendelssohn, who himself is suspected to have been a witch. While the orchestral music could go along with the story (as a play), it is fine without the music. If people are wanting to sing, there are also written words to melodies available; one of the ones I remember is "You Spotted Snakes with Double Tongue”. I myself prefer the play as written with the music incorporated as it adds to the overall richness of the production. It doesn't have a dramatic finale, no, but the overall richness of the play, with or without music, and the completions of the story cycles within it, bring it to a very satisfactory conclusion.
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    With the start of a new school year around the corner, we're working hard to get everything ready and keep things organised. Since our Prefect in Charge decided to disobey me by graduating, I had no other choice but to punish her by talking the Head Office into agreeing to make her our newest Head of House. Congratulations @Prof. Sky Alton, I'm very much looking forward to working with you in this new capacity. With the Prefect in Charge spot becoming vacant, we decided to offer it to @Iverian Gnash in hopes to teach her a valuable lesson about stealing other Prefects' badges and claiming them for herself. I'm happy to announce that she's accepted the spot and will hopefully no longer be stealing other Prefects' badges since she has her own special shiny new one. Now, what's a Prefect in Charge without any Prefects to be in charge of? Of course we had that in mind and we're thrilled to have the amazing @Lorainia Riverrider agree to become a Gryffindor Prefect. Good luck (and keep your badge in a safe place)! We're always looking into ways to maintain a strong panel of staff and we thought a new addition would be the perfect opportunity to keep up. After a successful application process, we've decided to offer the post of Junior Prefect to @Adaleine Shuster. Well done! You all deserve your promotions and should be proud of yourselves. I wish you all the best in hope that the time you spend in your positions is filled with pleasant experiences, strong teamwork and making Gryffindor the place it's meant to be. As always, butterbeer is on me. Cheers!
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    Congrats to all of the new staff! Reminds of my days as a Junior Prefect many moons ago. Ive since stumboled upon a bad luck charm and since dissapeared for a while from the common room. I hope to come back this coming school year and be more active and finally graduate!
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    Hi and welcome Jasper, it's nice to meet you :)
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    Welcome to the Den, Jasper!
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    I slap Carrie for thinking along the same lines that I am. Plus, the owners certainly don't mind... :-) We were their best customers for the entire summer.
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    Rejected Emily James - unfortunately I couldn't find you in the HOL database Nicholas - Please use a full HOL name and try again. Notes @Jasper Reikevik I added a space into your username so it matches your HOL name and you were approved as a first year.
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    The Platinum Quill Award This award is presented to the Gryffindor who has earned the most points in a term. With over 3000 points to her name from this term alone, @Iverian Gnash is an exceedingly worthy winner! The Phoenix Award This prize is for the lion who has managed to earn the most rubies during the term. @Iverian Gnash is our winner again with an impressive 350 rubies! Lionheart Award Awarded to whichever of our guests has earned the most rubies throughout the term. We have a tie this time around as reigning champion @Maxim Trevelyan of Ravenclaw is joined by @Prof. Tarma Amelia Black of Hufflepuff -- they both earned a staggering 480 rubies. Well done both! Awards decided by the staff: Studious Simba Awarded to a lion who has distinguished themselves through hard work in their classes and potentially in other areas too. @Lorainia Riverrider has not only proved herself time and again in classes and activities but demonstrated true Gryffindor tenacity while doing so. Curious Kitten This is awarded to a particularly enthusiastic Gryffindor who has been a positive presence in The Den. We’re delighted to present this award to @Emerald Wolvenhowl for her sunny attitude and constant encouragement and appreciation of those around her. Consistent Cub Awarded to a lion who is everywhere doing everything and inspires us all to get involved. We’re very glad to present this one to @Carrie Warts for her willingness to dive into just about anything around HOL with passion and a light heart. Lively Lionet This is awarded to someone whose house pride and loyalty sets them apart. Since joining, @Isa Vestal has proved her nerve by leaving no room in the castle unexplored and has made sure the scarlet and gold is gloriously represented in every activity she attempts. The Friend of the Den Award This is awarded to a non-Gryffindor who has gone out of their way to lend a hand to the lions. We would like to present this award to @Prof. Amy Lupin for her years of unwavering support behind the scenes and in particular her generosity in extending her puzzle and graphic making expertise so that certain Gryff activities could go ahead.
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    Notes taylor - your name was changed to @Taylor Horn to match your HOL name and you were approved as a first year
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    My favourite is Prisoner of Azkaban cause i found the tme turner is so awesome and the only movie where we did noy have to worry about Voldemort!
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    This is a place for any kind of discussions, literally (as long as they are HOL appropriate)! You can start a new topic if you want to discuss something... Perhaps a book you just read, a film you've recently seen, something Harry Potter related, or just something rather silly. Whatever it is, this is the place to talk about it.
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    I slap Carrie because I got her into a game she really enjoys.
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    I slap Carrie because days ago she mentioned having muffins and since then I have been craving them.
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    I can't actually choose, there all GREAT but, Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone, cause the adventure starts there, and then it has this line : Yer a wizard, Harry!!
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    awe I slap Rose cuz she's just too nice and I wish you the best on this first year you're about to start next month!
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    I slap Carrie cause I like her and she's awesome :)
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    I slap Rose to welcome her and because she has such a beautiful name *.*
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    I slap Rose to welcome her to The Den!
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    Yup, that's right. The year-long class will take up a slot in both your autumn and spring term 5. It's worth 300 points and 1 quill per term (600 points, 2 quills overall for the year) so the only consideration is really whether you want to commit to one subject for the year or whether you'd be happier taking 2 different one term classes.
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    I slap Carrie for being one of my best friends in second year :-)
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    I slap Carrie for choosing a baby owl that can carry her mail later on.
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    I think I'm a bit of classaholic; the signups open and then all of a sudden I'm like an over-excited witch at Honeydukes. I see so much I like and want to try that once I've chosen them and Muggle life starts to take over, I can't help but think I've taken on too much.
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    I slap Savannah for being such fun.
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    My favorite has to be The Deathly Hallows, not only because it brings everything to an end but because is the perfect sum of action, romance, friendship, suspense and sadness <3
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    My favorite is Prisoner of Azkaban because, when re-reading it, it’s fun to see Harry’s reaction to Sirius’s animagus following him around and we know something important that the characters don’t, which is fun.
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    Guilty, all the way! I've got my eye on somewhere in South America ;-) Likes to try new foods
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    I slap Carrie (regretfully) because we just made a great new friend!
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    I slap Savannah for saying such lovely kind words <3
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    I slap Emerald for being excited to hang out with us (we're excited to have you!!!!!!!)
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    I slap Carrie for welcoming me to visit Flourish and Blotts with her and Savannah :) oooooooh, that will be fab, woohoo :)
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    I slap Carrie for having a pile of favourite books. Sounds like heaven :)
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    Nope, no m either! (p.s. I love your new siggy, Carrie!) _ a _ _ _ _ _ (6 letters left to guess) Lives: 4
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    I slap Carrie for helping me pick out fantastic new robes.
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    I slap Carrie for dragging me places I don't want to go (a.k.a. Madam Malkin's)
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    Belated birthday wishes, Lora. Hope you had a great day.
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    Happy, happy birthday, Lora! I hope you have a gryfftastic day fullof sunshine.
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    Happy Birthday Lora!!!!! Hope you have an amazing day!! :D
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    Popping in for a second to add that I love cream cheese icing Lora :D It's sooo much better than regular icing. When I'm eating cake, cupcakes, or anything with icing on it, I hate it when they put way too much on and you're basically eating icing with a bit of cake XD At the same time though, I wouldn't be able to eat it without icing, so there's a perfect amount for me that decides whether or not I like it LOL
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    Lora, that pizza sounds utterly incredible. And I totally agree about the pasta, Nessa. Given a choice I will nearly always have pasta; besides, when I'm out (providing it's not ribbon pasta) it's easiest to eat without worrying about making a mess and embarrassing myself.
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