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    The Platinum Quill Award This award is presented to the Gryffindor who has earned the most points in a term. With over 3000 points to her name from this term alone, @Iverian Gnash is an exceedingly worthy winner! The Phoenix Award This prize is for the lion who has managed to earn the most rubies during the term. @Iverian Gnash is our winner again with an impressive 350 rubies! Lionheart Award Awarded to whichever of our guests has earned the most rubies throughout the term. We have a tie this time around as reigning champion @Maxim Trevelyan of Ravenclaw is joined by @Prof. Tarma Amelia Black of Hufflepuff -- they both earned a staggering 480 rubies. Well done both! Awards decided by the staff: Studious Simba Awarded to a lion who has distinguished themselves through hard work in their classes and potentially in other areas too. @Lorainia Riverrider has not only proved herself time and again in classes and activities but demonstrated true Gryffindor tenacity while doing so. Curious Kitten This is awarded to a particularly enthusiastic Gryffindor who has been a positive presence in The Den. We’re delighted to present this award to @Emerald Wolvenhowl for her sunny attitude and constant encouragement and appreciation of those around her. Consistent Cub Awarded to a lion who is everywhere doing everything and inspires us all to get involved. We’re very glad to present this one to @Carrie Warts for her willingness to dive into just about anything around HOL with passion and a light heart. Lively Lionet This is awarded to someone whose house pride and loyalty sets them apart. Since joining, @Isa Vestal has proved her nerve by leaving no room in the castle unexplored and has made sure the scarlet and gold is gloriously represented in every activity she attempts. The Friend of the Den Award This is awarded to a non-Gryffindor who has gone out of their way to lend a hand to the lions. We would like to present this award to @Prof. Amy Lupin for her years of unwavering support behind the scenes and in particular her generosity in extending her puzzle and graphic making expertise so that certain Gryff activities could go ahead.
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    I spotted the Boggart in my dorm room. He turned into my alarm clock and I imagined him being a soft pillow and blanket so I could go back to bed :P
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    Ah, so you all have convinced me to return. Much thanks to everyone who has proved to me how much you all really care. I must admit I wouldn’t mind staying in Honeydukes forever though– it’s practically my home after all. Some of you have heard my story, but for those who have not, I believe it is time to reveal my history. When I was young, I loved Hogsmeade. It was one of my favorite places to spend free time and I wanted to live there when I got older. My mother was Gunhilda de Gorsemoor, some of you may recognize that name as the statue that guards the secret passageway to Honeydukes. My mother died when I was young, but that didn’t stop me from making something of myself. I started a business in 1641 with the money I inherited, before the passageway existed of course. Finally, I lived and worked in Hogsmeade. Between my business and daily life, I fell in love with none other than Prof. Xavier D’Angelo – the late headmaster. He went on to become headmaster and I went on to become a successful businesswoman, but there was still a way we were able to see each other from time to time. Remember that passage behind my mother’s statue? If you haven’t guessed it yet, we would sneak through it to spend some time with each other. I used to bring brightly coloured boxes full of Honeydukes sweets (Chocolate Frog anyone?) to many a student and staff while my business was in full bloom. I loved cheering them up with my confections. I also made use of my cooking knowledge to shower the house elves with delicious new recipes for desserts and sweets which they have incorporated in many of your meals. Yes, you have me to thank for those confectionary delights. I knew even in death I would want to have my memory restored in Hogsmeade, the village I held so dear, and in Honeydukes, the business I created, and so, my portrait resides there which some of you exceptional students were so clever to figure out. Perhaps a list of Honeydukes themed passwords is in order for the week? As a reward for all of your hard work, I have asked your prefect to award everyone shiny rubies for their efforts. Those you will now see on your ruby counts. If you believe yourself not to have the correct amount, go find your prefect, I have passwords to create. Now, for all of those students who so cleverly found me, I have also added a shiny award to your award shelves. Much thanks to everyone! Now I’m heading back to my usual portrait to clean it up and find out how much a mess you all made while I was away.
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    One new outfit for The Fat Lady consists of a red short-sleeved top made of silk with a matching skirt. She's got a new gold choker necklace (many strands woven together so it looks like a rope of gold). She's got some red roses circling her forehead and dark sunglasses with red heart frames. Her lipstick is a matching red, of course, and the finishing touch are dangle ruby-drop earrings. Her hair is dyed a midnight blue and pulled back into a quasi-ponytail -- to go along with her new outfit.
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    Thank you, all. You're the best <3 And Emerald, I celebrated with toffee appel cheesecake if that counts. A friend also brought round raspberry cupcakes which I'll tuck into tomorrow ;)
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    Why doesn't Voldemort have glasses? Nobody nose.
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    I slap Carrie for being so kind and sending us hugs. *Sending some hugs to you in return* Congratulations to you too, Carrie, for getting the Consistent Cub award and congratulations to ISA too for the Lively Lionet award * hugs to you too*
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    Thanks so much Lorainia and Carrie! It means so much to me!
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    Happy birthday lovey!! Have an amazing day filled with joy and lots of food <3 Virtual hugs coming your way :D
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    Happy Birthday!!
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    Awe, thanks so much guys! I’ve had a great first month here in HOL and all of you have made it such a comfortable and welcoming place to be <3
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    Happy, happy birthday, Isa! I'll just go fetch the signature Gryffindor red velvet cake...
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    I slap Carrie for daydreaming. Are there no sign-posts in you imagination?
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    And let them scream as loud as they can Then I'll be your fan
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    I slap Emerald for bowing to Ivey so much her head will get too big for her crown
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    It’s my privilege and pleasure to announce the Gryffindor awards for the autumn term! Before I begin, I just have to say that this was the most difficult term to judge I’ve had since joining the staff (and I’m not just saying that to be polite). We currently have so many talented, enthusiastic and hardworking lions that it was a struggle to narrow it down. If you missed out on an award this term, please don’t be disheartened: trust me, we see and value each and every one of you who contributes or makes an effort to brighten up the CR. If you keep it up, hopefully we’ll be honouring you with a shiny trophy next term. Let’s start with our points based awards: The Platinum Quill award goes to @Iverian Gnash! This award goes to the Gryffindor who earned the most house points and with a staggering 2278 (509 points ahead of the 2nd place earner), Iverian absolutely knocked it out of the park this term. The Phoenix Award goes to @Lora Wallabenger! This award is given to the Gryffindor with the highest number of rubies and with a solid 277 earned over many of our activities this term, Lora is a very worthy winner. The Lionheart award goes to @Maxim Trevelyan! This award is given to the visitor with the highest number of rubies. Yet again, our friend from Ravenclaw has shown he is the master at gathering sparkly red jewels as he racked up a staggering 927 for his efforts over the course of the term. Congratulations! Now for the awards decided by Gryffindor Staff: The Studious Simba award goes to @Lizzi Long and @Narcissus Delmenia! We award this trophy to those lions who distinguish themselves through hard work in their classes and potentially in other places. We couldn’t pick between Lizzi (who earned 1189 points) and Narcissus (1142) and decided that both deserved recognition for their truly impressive performances. The Curious Kitten award goes to @Lora Wallabenger! This award is for someone who has been an encouraging, constructive or heartening presence in the CR. Lora went out of her way to welcome newcomers to The Den this term and has certainly raised our spirits with her exuberant personality and undeniable spirit. The Consistent Cub award goes to @Lorainia Riverrider! This award is for a lion who is everywhere, doing everything and inspires us all to get involved. Lorainia not only earned 1339 points (the third most points out of all Gryffindor this term), but has also found the time to throw herself into activities all around the castle. Not only has she inspired us with her activity but left many of us wondering just where she gets her energy from. The Lively Lionet goes to @Raevia Ward! This award is for someone who displays great pride and loyalty to the house. While she might not be the loudest or top in points, Raevia has been a friendly and diligent presence throughout the term. Her courage to try new things and her positive attitude reflect well not only on her but on Gryffindor too. The Exploding Snap award goes to @Prof. Dario Brighton! This award is given to someone who makes the CR a better place through their innovative ideas. As Dario essentially keeps the CR (and all of HOL) running, we’re always trying to nominate him for this award. As he designed the scoring system and beautiful cards for our wildly successful Exploding Snap activity, set up webmail and built a new website for the house newspaper, we couldn’t let him turn it down this term. That’s it for awards for now but I just want to reiterate how proud we all are of everyone who did their bit to support the house. Keep up the amazing work, lions!
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    Guilty. It usually ends up with me snorting with laughter which is even worse Has lied about already eating to save someone's feelings
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    Oh wow! Thank you and congratulations to everybody, let's have another exciting term!
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    This is a place for any kind of discussions, literally (as long as they are HOL appropriate)! You can start a new topic if you want to discuss something... Perhaps a book you just read, a film you've recently seen, something Harry Potter related, or just something rather silly. Whatever it is, this is the place to talk about it.
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    Dishwasher (halfblood here :) )
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    I slap Emerald for softly tapping. *changes name of game to 'Softly Tap the Person Above You'* That would be a nicer version :P
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    Yes! Awesome work to everyone who received an award (and those who didn't this term, there's always next term!). We appreciate everyone who puts effort into making Gryffindor the amazing place it is :D
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    Congrats everyone!! Very well deserved!!
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    I slap Emerald for being in 2 of the same classes as me. (You have excellent taste... and I am not remotely biased)
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    I spotted the boggart while walking through a dark tunnel (where I... probably wasn't supposed to be). It turned into a million tiny spiders with red eyes and long hairy legs crawling over me. After I successfully cast the spell (may have taken a few tries), they all turned into a million squeaking rubber duckies.
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    I spotted the boggart while I was taking a walk in the grounds. It took the form of a mean swan but after the charm, it turned into a fluffy chick with a lot of attitude. (genuinely feared swans and geese for many years. Over it now.... or am I?)
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    I slap Emerald for being so nice I don't want to slap her.
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    Tricky question. I know if it were me I'd be super tempted to change things to address old injustices. But if there's one thing popular culture has taught us, it's that messing with time gets... well, messy. It would be fun to have an 'undo my last action' button with this power so you could gage the result of what you changed and put it back to how it was if it proved disastrous.
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    If I had another superpower, it would be the ability to apparate into past eras. That way, I could experience different centuries, cultures and magic. Whilst I am there, should I automatically have the ability to alter and re- write history or is that something that should be forbidden? Decisions, decisions.........
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    I slap Emerald for keeping up with this game (it's my favorite too :P)
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    I slap Emerald for winning the day on my birthday!
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    I slap Emerald for being active (keep it up!)
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    I slap Emerald for having a really promising post count of 6. Keep it up!
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    Emerald, Shape-shifting would be cool, too. I didn't even think about that as a superpower!
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    My superpower would shapeshifting so I would change into any object and any animal. I could even morph myself into looking like someone (no fowl tasting Polyjuice potion required).
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    Hello Everyone. My name Lorainia Riverrider and I am a first year Gryffindor. I am very busy in real life, but I enjoy taking a brake from all that chaos and coming here to relax for a bit.
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    *wicked laugh* Sky, you have to like three of my posts (or until my reputation score reaches 15) :D Duck!
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    Rule 4 : Try to be more polite to people. Then you will have never lost what you have lost.
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    I am an oddball when it comes to music. My favorite music depends on my mood really but I tend to gravitate toward 80s pop, hair metal bands, instrumental, or crooners.
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    i mean billie eilish is the only answer :)))
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    my favourite is walking dead and game of thrones and my all time favourite is two and a half men
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    One of my all time favourites is Netflix's The Crown. It follows the life of the Queen and the royal family since her marriage to Prince Phillip. I particularly enjoy the fidelity to true events in the plot. Of course, it being a TV drama series, there are things that had to be altered, but I feel that was done in moderation compared to other "based on true events" series. It's rumoured to be the most expensive TV series ever produced, as the team is really detail-oriented. I'm impatiently awaiting the third season which is scheduled to air later this year. They've had to create a larger gap between the second and third seasons since they replace the cast every two seasons. They have announced a total of six seasons where the final would lead up to the present day.
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    I love Gilmore Girls, Brooklyn 99 and The Musketeers as well. The Big Bang Theory is my go-to show if I want to have something on in the background. One of our Gryffs (Ilona) suggested I watch Star Trek so I'm making my way through all the various series in chronological order and having a lot of fun. I also enjoy Doctor Who (particularly the David Tennant era) so I think it's safe to say I like shows that are funny and or adventurous.
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    Of currently running shows, I definitely like Stranger Things as well, The Handmaids Tale, but my faves are Star Trek Discovery, Outlander and Game of Thrones. I'm a sucker for scifi/fantasy. I also watch The Walking Dead, but I'm thinking about stopping, cause it just depresses me when they keep killing characters I get attached to... <_< Other series I've loved are Downton Abbey, The Pacific, Star Trek Next Generation, Avatar The Last Airbender, Friends, Sherlock, The Office.
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    Black Bird by The Beatles where's your favorite place to hang out?
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    Oh, Lord. Not introductions. I swear, I had like, 15 introductions in the old CR because the thread was so old and so long. Might as well begin again. HI. I'm Zenix James. You can call me...Spanky. Not really, don't call me Spanky. Only Missa can call me Spanky. I'm...I guess I'm a professor, cause I'm not a prefect anymore. So, I can't really say that without being a false testament. I'M PROFESSOR JAMES. Way cool. I teach some classes...Go find them if you want to know what I teach! I've been around here for about 5 and a half years. Way too long. In real life, I'm ALMOST...ALMOST 21. 10 day countdown until my birthday. SO EXCITED. I'm a criminal justice student at university. Gonna send some bad doods to jail. At least there are attorneys with a sense of humor still. >_> Yeah, that's about it. I'm super glad the CR is back up and running. And, HELLO OTHER HOUSES! -waves-
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