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  1. Today
  2. True. Watermelon popsicles are super yummy ! Has written your own story ?
  3. I slap Adaleine for forgetting to snap her final cards!
  4. Yesterday
  5. False Has made their own popsicles?
  6. I slap Emily for joining HOL while I was away
  7. Summer Nights Beauty and the Beast
  8. Innocent Has started a craft but not completed it
  9. Unfortunately, that one person in the crowd who was allergic to milk was causing quite a disturbance and getting others angry.
  10. I had so much fun! Thank you! Made the summer go by a bit faster :D
  11. Had so much fun participating in this activity and solving puzzles and stuff! Thanks Ivey, Sky and everyone for all of this . I enjoyed it so much !!! :)
  12. Thanks Ivey and Sky for organising such a fun activity!
  13. Fortunatly, the others didn't mind about it because they are not allargic to milk and didn't mind Ivey but was very thankful for her.
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