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Gryffindor Common Room
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Prof. Jenny Lupin

Getting to the HOL Chatrooms

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So you want to get to the HOL chatrooms so you can meet awesome people, learn how to play Quidditch, and just join the madness? Well look no further, here are your basic guides to accessing the HOL chatrooms.

(Note: I own a PC, not a Mac, so I can't directly help anyone who has a Mac. Sorry.)

There are 3 posts after this. One for the basic chat program, one for PC users who want the better chat program, and one for Mac users who want the better program. smile.gif

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You have a few options, CGI (from the main HOL page), mIRC (the best in my opinion so see the post below :P), or another client like mibbet which I know nothing about. Enlighten me, peoples?


Info: This can be a good way to get online at first. But be warned, it doesn't always work for everyone, or all the time. I've been on computers that refuse to connect to the chatrooms, or get disconnected often with this. If this happens to you, don't panic! Just move on the the description of mIRC (the much more stable (and completely free) way to get to the chatrooms.

How to get on the chatrooms using this method:

It's really simple. Really. On the main page of HOL (Here), on the right side of the page, you should see an area called HOL Chatrooms. Something like this: HOLChatrooms.png.

The first few times you come online (until we get to know you better), enter your HOL Name and then click "Go Chat Now". You'll notice we left the #hol part alone. That means, when you connect to the chatrooms, you will be entering the channel #hol, the main hub of activity on the chatrooms. Feel free to change this channel to one of the other house channels, such as #gryffindor, or if you want to attend a house meeting, #gryffhousemeeting, or if you want to watch a Quidditch game on game day, #quidditch.

Some basic commands:

/join #channelnamehere -> Let's you join another channel. This will appear as a tab near the top of your chat window. You may switch back and forth whenever you choose.

/msg Nickname -> Let's you send a private message to someone on the channel.

/me action -> Let's you 'do' something. So "/me sings a song" would end up looking like "*Jenny sings a song" if I was logged on. :)

/nick NewNickName -> Let's you change your nickname to something else.

That's all I got for now. Questions? Send me or one of the prefects a message. ^__^

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Info: mIRC requires you to install a free program. Don't worry, if you get it from the website I will provide, it is completely safe. Just make sure you get permission first if you are not normally allowed to install programs. Overall mIRC is much faster, more stable, and is much more awesome because you can view several windows at once and do other fancy things. It is HIGHLY recommended. This program is required to play Quidditch unless you A. have a Mac computer or B. have extenuating circumstances that must be presented to the Captains.


How to get on the chatrooms using this method (Taken from HOL Quidditch Lesson 1):


1. First, download the latest version available from the mIRC website, here: http://www.mirc.com/get.html (I promise, it is safe and free).


2. I used version 7.1 when I created the images, so your set up might look slightly different. Don't worry though! Click on the green button that says "Download mIRC" and it will take you to a page that says "Download Now". A prompt will come up saying "Opening mirc71.exe please select "Save File".


3. The file should appear wherever your downloads go to on your computer. Double click the mirc71.exe file to open it. You may be asked if you would like to run this program. Click 'Run'. Then, to start installing mIRC, click 'Next'.




4. Next, click on 'I Agree' to accept the their agreements. (If you do choose to click No, you will not be able to get mIRC installed. *g*)




5. It will then ask you for a specific directory of where you want to install mIRC. Unless you want to set it up to your liking, leave it as the default and click on 'Next'.




6. It will ask what type of installation you would like. Choose 'Full' from the drop down menu. (This is the default.) Then click 'Next'.




7. It will ask you if you want Shortcuts. Pick what you want and then click 'Next'.




8. Double check everything and then click on install. It will start installing. It shouldn't take long to install (Roughly 3 seconds on my computer, but mine is fast. *g*)


9. Once it has finished installing, if you want to continue this tutorial, check 'Run mIRC' and click on Finish.




Congratulations! You have mIRC installed! Now it time to connect to the blitzed Server on IRC. (Note: If you've chosen to 'Run mIRC' after the installation, then you can skip step 10.)


10. Now to load mIRC, go to the Start Menu, then point to Program, then point to mIRC and then click on the mIRC program.


11. First, a pop up will appear telling you this is an evaluation copy.




12. Keep clicking 'Continue' until you reach the next screen, in step 13. (Note: The option to 'Continue' will always appear, although after the evaluation expires, it will appear only after a delay. You will NEVER have to register/pay for mIRC.)


13. Now let's set some things up to identify you on the HOL channels. First you will get this screen:




For your Name, use your HOL Name, DO NOT USE YOUR REAL NAME!! This is very important!

You don't have to put your real email address in either, but you can if you want.

For your nick name, you can use (preferably) your first HOL name or your First HOL name and your first letter of your last HOL name. For example: Jenny or JennyL. This is so we can get to know you. :) (NEVER use someone else's name, as that is impersonation and against the rules.)

For your alternative, put another alternative nick in case your nickname is already taken.


14. Now we need to make sure we are on the blitzed server, so expand 'Connect' in the side bar, and then click 'Servers'.


15. On the side bar in the newly opened box, scroll up until you see a folder labeled 'Blitzed'. Select that folder and below the words Random Server, will appear. Once that happens, select that by clicking on it (which should highlight it) and click on select. This will close the window. You may need to correct your port settings which is under port settings. Use one of these three ports: 6667, 6668 or 7000.




Now you are all set, and you should be able to either click the lightning bolt at the top left of IRC, or click 'Connect' to connect yourself to IRC.


Then just wait a bit. *waits* And now you should be connected.


However, if something like this shows up,




Then for some reason mIRC did not load the correct server. It loaded on the different server. You'll notice that down in the area where you can type I typed: /server irc.blitzed.org - if you type this and press ENTER, then you should be able to get in to the correct server.



If you have problems, send a message to a prefect or me! :)



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Mac Users

The following is being used, with permission, by the lovely Kyrie Adderholt of Ravenclaw. ^__^

Connecting to IRC on a Mac!

Even though most HOL stuff says that Snak is the best client for IRC on a mac, it cost money. Thus, I really do not recommend it! In fact, I have two other clients that I prefer for different reasons.

The first IRC client I prefer for Macs would be Colloquy. Colloquy is pretty simple to get onto! To begin, you can go to http://colloquy.info/downloads.html to download the actual IRC client. After you install it to your computer it should instantly pop up on your desktop (or where ever your downloads end up.) Just double click to open!

When you double click, two little boxes will pop up. One of the boxes will say "New Connection" and the other just says "Connections." In New Connection, type in the nickname you want to have. Remember, as a new member to HOL, its best to use your HOL name. For example, I would use AdelieneCromwell, or AdelieneC. Leave the Sever Protocol alone! In Chat Sever type in irc.blitzed.org. Check remember this connection, and the arrow next to details.

Again, leave the proxy and Chat Sever Port alone. Change User name to the nickname again, and your Real Name to your HOL Name (with a space!)

Hit the + below Join Rooms and add #hol to it. Now click Connect!

After you connect, there is more stuff you can put together. Thankfully most of the commands are at the same as in the mIRC article. Thus, to deal with basic commands, NickServ and ChanServ, scroll up! Colloquy also has some other things to help. On the connection window, you will see an info button. Here, you can add your nickserv password (so you don't have to type in your password every time), Alt. Nickname (in case you tend to loose internet often, just another nickname you will come in on.) Under Automatics you can add other rooms to autojoin, such as #ravenclaw. You can also set it so that you will automatically connect when you open Colloquy!

Mmmk, now to do all the extra stuff. If you go up to the top of the screen, and click on Colloquy, scroll down, and you will see Preferences. Here you can set up all the extra frills.


-Keep 'Connection Nickname' for 'Your Name in Chat.'

-Create a quit message, a death to the c-word little quote or saying for when you leave!

Interface: (I would recommend not messing with this until you have been on colloquy for awhile. Bug me then to explain once you have been around a bit!)


-Self explanatory- Colloquy has different ways of looking. I tend to leave mine in a Bland style, but I know Rosa would hate that!

-If you mess with appearances, there is a chance you have to quit colloquy and reopen it to see some of the changes.

-If you are going to eventually want colors, keep 'Retain colors & formatting after sending' checked. (Ill get to colors in a moment!)


-Any words typed in 'Highlight words' will make a sound when they are said. All you have to do is type the words you want to make a noise for you, such as for me: Adeliene Addie Cromwell- with just a space, no comma!

-Chat Events is pretty self explanatory. Have fun exploring the sounds and options!


- are the same as DCC sending. Take precautions with these please!


-this is where to set up everything for if you want to keep logs for future references, or future giggles!

Getting Colors:

-to get colors, click on Font -> show colors. You should be prompt with a familiar screen of font colors. Please remember:

-not all colors will work on IRC. They may come out looking much different. this is because IRC tends to follow a mIRC color base. Experiment some, NOT in a public room!

-You do have to choose the colors each time you log on, for each room. Thus, most colloquy people just ignore colors. xD

That's pretty much it! The only last thing I can think of is that Colloquy is pretty cool would be the itunes commands.

/itunes shows what song you are listening to

/itunes previous goes back a song

/itunes next goes forward

/itunes stop....I think you get the picture xD

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