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Guest Lily Padfoot

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Guest Lily Padfoot

Every house has a newspaper. They all run a little different, have different publications dates, different ways to contribute... but one very important trait they share is you can earn POINTS from all of them. Below I will be detailing how. This thread will be bumped whenever it's announced a house paper is currently taking submissions, along with a deadline. PLEASE do not bug editors about deadlines or when you can write something. They will usually announce when they are looking for articles, what they are looking for, and how to get article ideas approved. It will also be re-posted here.


Though I believe this should go without saying, I will say it anyways: plagiarism will absolutely not be tolerated by any of the newspapers. If you are going to volunteer to write, it better be your own work. Editors have the right to take away points for such behavior.


(Information for this post was copied entirely from each individual paper. Some had more info available than others.)




Gryffindor - The Paw Print



Points: Up to 30 points per edition


If you did not applying to become a regular writer for The Paw Print, you still have a chance to earn points by participating in the monthly Prose and Cons section. (And if you are an official writer, you can participate as well!) Prose and Cons is a way for you to really show off your creative side in a number of different forms. Here is an explanation of the different of the section.


Prose and Cons


There are three sections in Prose and Cons, with a chance to earn 10 points per sections, culminating in 30 points total. The themes for each section will be announced on a monthly basis.


Poetry Challenge


For the poetry challenge, you are to write a piece of poetry. Crazy, right?. It can be a haiku, tanka, free-write poem, or any form of poetry. Each haiku and tanka must be, at least, 2 stanzas long. A free-write poem needs to be, at least, 12 lines long. For this challenge, you are able to submit up to 2 entries, each worth 5 points. However, you do not have to turn in two separate pieces. You can turn in a 4 stanza haiku for 10 points, or a 10 stanza tanka, and so on. The choice choice is yours.


Story Challenge


For the Story Challenge... you are to write a story! NO WAY! The story is to be a min. of 250 words (for 5 points) and 350-400 (for 10 points), must be spell checked and have proper grammar and punctuation.


Caption Challenge


Each month, links to 2 images will be given. All you have to do is give each picture a caption. It's quite self-explanatory. Each caption is worth 5 points. All you need to do is think of something witty and appropriate for the pictures.




Hufflepuff - The Wizarding Times


Go To Website

Points: Up to 60 points per edition


Are you just bursting with creativity and need an outlet? The Wizarding Times is the place for you! You can write articles or make cartoons or any number of things. You can submit one article, just 'cause, or you can even join the staff and write regularly! Even our non-Badger friends can submit articles.


Participation Points breakdown:

Article/Interview/Poll (Must be written up and have introduction): 10 points per published submission (maximum 20 pts.)

Art: 5-10 points per published submission (maximum 20 pts.)

Fiction/Poetry/Recipe: 5-10 points per published submission (maximum 20 pts.)


If you're interested in doing something for the WT, use the form on the Contact Us to send us an email




Ravenclaw - Alte Sententiam


Go To Website

Points: Up to 40 points per edition




Guest writers, unlike staff writers, may submit an article for any issue they want, are not required to apply, or under any obligation for future publication. Guest Writers will receive 10 points per article (maximum 20 for articles and 20 for graphics). Guest writers who ask to have their articles approved are still expected to submit by deadline, otherwise their submissions are moved to the next issue. When both staff and guest writers have signed up to submit something for a particular issue, please try your best to get it in on time. If I keep getting volunteers who fail to meet deadlines 3 or more times in a row, I will not be allowing you to write for the paper for a given time.


Q: Does my topic need to be approved?


A: Yup. Send your topic to Cassandra Lobiesk for approval before you write it. You can send me a HOL Message, PM, or email. If you come to me on IRC, I ask that you also send me an email or PM or HOL message anyway for my records, because otherwise I will forget. Keep in mind that even with an approved topic, your article may still be unpublished for certain reasons.


Q: Where do I submit my article?


A: Send your article to alte.sententiam@gmail.com. Be sure to include the title in the email, and your full HOL name and ID, so we know who to credit. Don’t forget to include your references.


Q: What kind of references should I use/include?


A: You can use the internet, your local library, encyclopedias, whatever. Just be sure to include links to any sites you used, or the titles and authors of any books that you’ve alluded to.




Slytherin - The SerpenTimes


Go To Website

Points: Up to 50 points per edition


* TYPES OF SUBMISSIONS - The SerpenTimes accepts riddles, puzzles, poems, recipes, reviews, HOL interviews and other general articles (such as a “How To†guide). We also accept graphics; this could include a picture to accompany your article or a piece of original artwork you put together (preferrably hand-drawn).


* CHECK YOUR IDEA - If you have an idea for an article, please check with Megaera Selwyn first to ensure that your idea is not being covered by another Staff or Guest writer. We don’t want you to waste your time on an article we’re already writing!


* SPELLING AND GRAMMAR - You do not need to have fantastic spelling and grammar to have your submission accepted and published. We have a fantastic Editor who looks over all articles and fixes any mistakes. If English is your second language, please don’t let this discourage you from submitting an article.


* KEEP IT EXCLUSIVE - We kindly ask that all articles submitted to the SerpenTimes are kept exclusive to us. Please only submit articles that you aren’t going to send anywhere else.


* ARTICLE THEMES - If you’re writing an article you have a better chance of being published if it’s wizard themed! It could be about the latest HOL happenings, or a piece on the increasing price of dragon hide gloves! Just ensure that your facts are kept in line with what J.K Rowling specifies such as names of places or character backgrounds. Anything she doesn’t mention is up to you!


All submissions should be sent to holserpentimes@gmail.com and must include your HOL name. Submission deadlines are generally the first Monday of each new season. We will post a topic in the HOL forum when we are looking for contributions, so keep an eye out for that.


Articles (includes stories, reports, reviews, poems and puzzles)

10 points per piece - maximum of 2 per issue


Graphics (includes original graphics to accompany an article, hand-drawn art, photos)

They must be your own work!!

10 points per piece - maximum of 2 per issue


Contribution (feature in an interview or advice column)

5 points per feature - maximum of 2 features.


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